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Pink Floyd: The Endless River (Album Review)


Pink Floyd: The Endless River
Album Review (Deluxe Edition)
By Rob Watts

There’s been a lot of debate over Pink Floyd releasing unfinished snippets from their 1994 album The Division Bell as their swan song. Many have said it’s a disservice to loyal fans, others have claimed it’s a way of milking music buyers once more before the band finally sails into the sunset…or the endless river.

Nearly into their fiftieth year as a band (no matter which lineup era was your favorite), Pink Floyd have nothing left to prove. They have scaled all the heights that most bands could only hope to achieve. Every musician would love to claim to have recorded Dark Side of the Moon, Wish You Were Here, The Wall, and perhaps even Animals and Meddle. The band members of Pink Floyd could have lived comfortably for the rest of their lives on the royalties from the release of the single Money alone. So I have to disagree when I hear people claiming that the Gilmore-led Pink Floyd are simply cashing in.

The Endless River is essentially a tribute to the late Rick Wright, Keyboardist for the band and founding member. Wright was a major key element to Pink Floyd’s sound and success. Often overlooked, Wright provided the band with all the amazing ethereal and sonic sounds throughout their career. One only needs to listen to Dark Side of the Moon to get the gist of his importance. Many pieces of Wright’s work were left behind after the completion of the band’s 1994 release The Division Bell. Basically, David Gilmore and Nick Mason gathered up the remaining pieces left behind and strung them together to create a final farewell, to both Wright and the fans.

If you’re a fan of the band’s instrumentation, then you’ll really enjoy The Endless River. The album is broken into four pieces (or sides.) The final track, Louder Than Words, is the only song with vocals (Gilmore.)

The Deluxe version of the album is beautifully housed in a box, including a Casebound book full of photos, Postcards and a Blu-ray Disc featuring the album tracks, bonus tracks and six video clips featuring various stages of recording, from The Division Bell to The Endless River.

A highly enjoyable listening experience and if you love Pink Floyd, there’s no reason you wouldn’t love this.



All the CRABAPPLES have fallen from the tree!


CRABAPPLES: The Crooked Roads through Cedar Grove Volume 2 is now sold out! The 2012 follow-up to 2011s Huldufolk was released as a special edition print Book & CD limited to 250 copies. Shhh….don’t tell anyone, but I’ll have the final copy of CRABAPPLES #250 on the road with me during my final book signings. First come, first serve. No reprints will be made. I also have it on good authority that a couple of copies may still remain at the Saugus, MA location of Newbury Comics. Good luck!

CRABAPPLES is still currently available on Kindle (Available here)

A reimagined version of CRABAPPLES will be included in the upcoming novel THE CROOKED ROADS THROUGH CEDAR GROVE due out mid 2015.

Don’t miss out! The latest novella LEFT-HAND PATH, also limited to 250 copies, is still available in Casebound Book & CD edition. This book is only available in print form, no eBook versions are expected to be released. Purchase your limited edition copy HERE!


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Susan Saunders: Beach Boogie & the Clam Jams Book Signing in Mountain Lakes, NJ


Children’s author and illustrator Susan Saunders will be reading from and signing copies of her latest book Beach Boogie & the Clam Jams on November 8th at the Mountain Lakes Public Library in Mountain Lakes, NJ.

Can’t make it to the event? Still want a copy of Beach Boogie?
Visit Waunders Children’s Books to purchase your copy!

Varsity Drag and Carolina’s War stir things up at T.T. the Bears

Varsity Drag, Carolina’s War and Stuyvesant
T.T. The Bears Place- Cambridge, MA.
Oct. 25, 2014
Review and photos by Rob Watts


5:30 PM might be a tad bit on the early side for a start-time in the Boston area for a live rock show, but rest-assured, many local fans didn’t mind at all that it cut into their “dinner hour.”

Kicking things off was Caroline’s War, featuring front woman Caroline Kehoe and Varsity Drag drummer Baylor Carter along with Varsity Drag’s Ben Deily on bass. The second half of the set featured Lisa Deily on the 4s. Kehoe’s clean vocal delivery meshed beautifully with her electric ukulele. A fine performance and a great set to warm the tone for the evening.


Shortly thereafter, Varsity Drag took the stage, opening with “Skinny Ties” from their debut album For Crying Out Loud. Also from that album, they delivered “Miles of Ocean” in which Ben Deily (guitarist, vocalist and The Lemonheads co-founder) admitted that the song was his attempt at being “Bob Mould-like.” From their second album Night Owls, they played “Animal” and “Long Way Home.” But it was the final songs from the set which really surprised fans, as the band ripped through a one-after-another set of classic-era Lemonheads gems, such as “7 Wonders, Ever and Second Chance”. Lisa Deily and Baylor Carter kept a tight backbone throughout the entire set and are both fun to watch as they deliver their thunderous backdrop.


Ending the evening was New York’s (or New Jersey depending on who you ask) Stuyvesant. Wonderfully talented guys who performed some hard thumping rock for the dedicated T.T.s crowd. Their new album comes out November 25th.


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