In Honor of Bullying Prevention Month


The anti-bully teen thriller CRABAPPLES by Rob Watts is available for $3.99 in the Amazon Kindle store. Limited print editions are still available. Visit for books and more info.

The three of them gently escorted Kathleen down the path. Against everything her sober mind would have indicated, she had placed her complete trust into the three rotten teens. The three teens, along with the other four had very little conscience regarding their actions. Their penchant for drugs had taken precedent over decency. They were old enough to know that what they had done was wrong, not to mention illegal. To ridicule someone because they seemed different from them is bad enough. But to harass and bully? That is intolerable. To force hallucinogens down someone’s throat to make them part of your clique is unforgivable.

The clouds overhead darkened and rain soon began to fall heavily on the teens. Kathleen was stumbling about as Darcy, Kevin and Danny held her up. “We’re not going to get very far with her,” Kevin said as he propped Kathleen up against his side. “We have to do something now!”

“Like what?” asked Darcy.

As they stood there in the rain, trying to think of what to do with Kathleen, a trolley went speeding by them on the tracks. Danny and Kevin looked at each other as if the same thought had entered their minds at the same time.

Darcy could tell from their expressions what they were planning. “No!” Shouted Darcy. “You’re not going to do that to her, you can’t!”

“Shut up, Darcy, unless you want to go with her, you’d better keep your mouth shut and help us!” yelled Danny. “Now grab her arm and help me walk her around the fence.”

The three teens escorted Kathleen through an opening in the fence that separates the path from the trolley tracks. The rain was still falling and it was getting darker. Kathleen was still very much unaware of what was really happening. The pills had a terrible hold on her and sadly she had no control of what she was doing. She never said a word, only stared at the three bullies as if she was saying “please don’t hurt me anymore.” The three of them looked away heartlessly and held onto her tightly while they stood and waited at the end of a tunnel that the high-speed trolleys pass under.

As they watched and waited, a trolley emerged in the distance through the heavy rain and hint of nightfall. The trolley’s lone headlight shone in the distance as it moved rapidly along the tracks in their direction. Kevin, Danny and Darcy looked at one another, nodded and positioned themselves behind Kathleen as she uttered a few words that went unheard. They kept themselves hidden from sight, behind a large column that served to support the tunnel. The trolley approached them, closer and closer, louder and louder, faster and faster….

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Beach Boogie & The Clam Jams: Re-release on Hardcover

Ocean View Press and Waunders Children’s Books is proud to announce that our children’s book Beach Boogie & The Clam Jams will now be available in over 100 independent book stores AND has been re-released in Hardcover. We are excited to move forth with our children’s book imprint and this new deal will keep us moving in the right direction as we continue to bring you quality reading material for years to come. Our new Signed Hardcover Edition is available now at WAUNDERS.COM and OCEANVIEWPRESS.COM


“The Crooked Roads through Cedar Grove” Update & Book Signings


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So, my passion project, The Crooked Roads through Cedar Grove (based on the ongoing novella series vol: 1-3) has been completed and will be ready for all the behind the scenes “Machinery” over the next several weeks (i.e.- editing, artwork, advertisement, reviews, etc..) Learn More about the Crooked Roads Project HERE

Although I don’t have a definitive release date as of yet, I can tell you that it will be very early in the new year of 2015. Specific details (release date, cover art, pre-orders) will be announced by the end of this year. Many have asked me why it won’t be released in time for the upcoming Halloween season, seeing as it’s a book in the genre of horror. My response here is that only a fool (or fools) would rush-release something horror related for the sake of a few quick sales to satisfy horror fans. Horror, suspense, thrillers, what have you, is something that is enjoyed year-round by fans of the genre. Therefor, I’m much more interested in having a full year to promote my project as opposed to hawking it throughout the short Halloween season, only to dispose of it shortly thereafter.

Which brings me to my next topic; Book Signings. Although I whole-heartedly enjoy reaching my readership, event after event throughout the year, I’m going to take some much-needed downtime after the remaining dates this fall as I finish promoting Left-Hand Path. The events that I will in-fact do in 2015 will be fewer and more selective. We are currently working on some new and exciting methods of promotion right now, which will allow me to be more productive creatively without the burden of excessive travel. This, of course, is the plan as of right now.

In the meantime, there’s no better time than the present to catch up on Vol. 1 to 3 if you haven’t done so already. Huldufolk (Volume One), CRABAPPLES (Volume Two) and Left-Hand Path (Volume Three) are available now at

More to come very soon!



Book Signing at Granite State Comic Con

Author Rob Watts signed copies of his thriller LEFT-HAND PATH at Granite State Comic Con this weekend in Manchester, New Hampshire. For your copy of LEFT-HAND PATH and for upcoming book signings, visit




Top- Rob Watts at his booth prior to show opening. (Photo by Scott Goudsward)
Middle- Rob Watts and author Dale Philips (Photo by Stacey Longo.)
Bottom- Authors Gordon Bean, Rob Watts, Katherine Silva & Scott Goudsward. (Photo by Dale Philips.)