Are You With Me?- The Mars Patrol

*This review was first published in August 2006


The Mars Patrol are from Edinburgh, Scotland. The Mars Patrol are a female-fronted rock band. The Mars Patrol have just released their new CD and The Mars Patrol have hit a home run with it. Clocking in at 21 minutes and 34 seconds, this 7-song e.p. kicks into high gear from the beginning. With their can’t-miss formula of smooth as ice production and Davina Divine’s sexy singing style, it’s easy to see why this Scottish quartet has a rather impressive following, not just in their homeland, but worldwide. Along with Davina Divine, the band is rounded out by guitarist Ross Nelson (drums on the e.p.), bassist Stephen Parker and drummer Stuart Spence.

     “Are You With Me” opens up with the title track followed by Turn It Around andThe Kiss Goodnight. The album slows down with Crying your heart out and I still Want you. Not in quality, but rather in terms of tempo. As Divina sings “I still want you to know me/ I still want you to hold me”, you can feel the convincing emotion and desperation in her voice. The pace speeds up once again with Can I have you and the final track One Mans Greed.
     This album, as well as the band, are examples of how more artists should approach their fanbase. Straight forward Pop/Rock with no over indulgance on their part. In my opinion, this is the “8 ball corner pocket” of CD’s and anyone who enjoys the kind of music that you continually replay, then this is definitely the CD for you. Become a fan today! (Rob Watts)

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