Do You See The Dark?

*This music review was first published in October 2006

This is hard and heavy! From the streets of New York City, it’s Do You See The Dark. This 6 track e.p. is indeed dark, yet enjoyably melodic. This rock trio, lead by Cakes (formerly of the all girl group The Drive) on vocals and bass, delivers on-point lyrics with such aggression and passion that it would be a crime if she chose the Gwen Stefani/ Fergie path in her performances. The group is rounded out with Cro on guitar and Bino on drums. The CD begins with Warrior, A track that truly showcases their ability in their instrument playing as a group. Cyclic serves as an intro to track 3, Recycles, which has an early Hole feel to it. Time to Shine follows and makes me wish that I was watching the band perform this song live. Ashes is yet another into leading into the final track, Bubblehead, which is the best song on the CD in my opinion. All in all, this is a great CD. I think it could benefit by containing 2 more full tracks, as it runs just over fifteen minutes. That is my only complaint because I hated for the CD to end. The production is incredible and the performance is flawless. I hope to hear more of this band in the future.(Rob Watts)


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