Linda Lopez- A New Beginning

*This Music review was first published on June 6, 2006
Aware of this albums production over the past two years, I was leery of writing a review at first. I had formed my own biased expectations over such time and as a result, I was fearful of writing an unfair assessment of what I listened to. So, to remedy the situation, I waited no less than two months to give the album a good ten listens before writing a review. The end result? Well, for starters, a permanent placement in my 60 disk changer hall of fame. This album is what I like to refer to as a time release CD. It gets better with time. The point being that the hybrid of musical styles on one album could throw a lot of people off. Unfortunately, most people like their music served to them like meat and potato’s. Paint by numbers and no surprises. Fortunately for music’s free thinkers, this offering dives into many varieties of style and structure. It is abundantly clear how much Linda has grown musically since hearing her early demos in 2004. She showcased a portion of that growth on “Suicidal Thoughts,” a guest vocal track she contributed to Shortyo’s 2005 Death Notice album.

    “A New Beginning” contains 14-tracks. On track one, Linda strongly states that “Nobody Really Knows Me.” She makes attempts at changing that by painting a musical landscape of her life, especially on tracks such as “The Pain Inside,” “Karma” and “I’m Worthy.” The latter two being deserving of Modern Pop radio play. “You Left Without a Goodbye” features a beautiful Flamenco guitar solo. “Shady Town” starts off with a Red Hot Chili Peppers vibe while Pink Eyelashes carries you with a Punk Rock vibe, reminiscent of early Blondie. She even recorded a Spanish version of this song at the end of the album.
     All in all, this is a great record. Give the variation of songs time to absorb into your mindset and you will truely be rewarded. (Rob Watts)

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