Linda Lopez- Just a Girl CD Single


*This music review was originally published in 2003

Forget everything you think you know about female solo artists. Put down your copies of Britney, Christina and Avril. Set aside the notion that MTV has the slightest clue about what quality pop music is all about and invest the two minutes it takes to read this review into discovering something new, vibrant and fresh. You may recall my interview with Linda Lopez, a young and virtually unknown performer from Hollywood California. Not for long! Young yes, but the unknown tag can be removed once listeners are exposed to this 18 year olds cornucopia of rythyms.

    Upon my advance listen of select songs from her upcoming CD, it’s apparent that Linda Lopez’s influences reach far beyond that of just radio formatted pop songs. The music is a well blended form of rock, jazz, hip-hop, and techno. Her vocal fusion of  rock ballad/opera lends well to the self pondering gem “The Pain Inside”. It’s as if you put Charlotte Church and “Adore” by Smashing Pumpkins together to create a melancholic song. Truely a winner that showcases her poetic grasp.
     “Just a Girl”, not to be confused with the No Doubt hit, is an upbeat rock/hip-hop number with no shortage of guitars and drum programming. It’s sure to have you moving about in your seat, or anywhere else for that matter. The album version kicks off with a verse from guest rapper Young Ace, which sets things up in fine form. The singer wastes no time in staking claim to her own place in the world of music. Spouting off the verse “don’t need to sound like Mariah, have a body like Jenny, or perform like Whitney”. The song makes for a great album opener.
     “Open Up Your Eyes” is another rock/R&B influenced track. Full of guitar chords stratigically mixed with percussion, this song is yet another body shaker. Linda will tell you herself that her influences run from Led Zeppelin and Michael Stipe to Etta James and Tori Amos. That along with some additional Blues, Rap and Spanish influences, this artist is sure to break the mold in the near future, and is sure to claim her own place with her upcoming CD this summer. Be sure to check it out.  

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