Living Syndication- Aneurythm

 Originally published April 2008

If you listen to much Indie Rock these days, you’re aware of the fact that much of it is rushed and unfocused. On Living Syndication’s recent effort ANEURYTHM, the Boston-based quartet prove that good things do come to those who wait. The 18-track CD clocks in at exactly 80-minutes with no fillers in site. After 5-years in the making, which is traditionally the expiration date for most new band’s careers these days, Living Syndication has watched musical trends come and go while always keeping one-step ahead of the next wave of radio darlings. 
     This sonic blend of Grunge and Groove-Rock kicks off with all-four cylinders in line. The rhythm section of bassist Andy DeCicco and drummer Gregg Irick offer tight backbone and frame Mike Desmond’s hypnotizing guitar playing quite nicely. “Limber, Hubris” and “Fight or Flight” are tailored blends of Alice In Chains and Tool with enough modernization to attract a younger fan-base. Pevez Taufiq’s haunting vocals compliment the ready-for-airplay tracks “13 Minutes” and “Hold” with his Eastern Indian influences shining through on “Choke” and “High.” 
     As nostalgic as it is to hear bands paying homage to the dismal era of grunge delight, it’s more than refreshing to hear a band that’s hell-bent on redefining that era. (Rob Watts)


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