Michael Zapruder- Dragon Chinese Cocktail Horoscope


*This review was originally published in January 2009

In terms of sound and scope, Michael Zapruder’s Dragon Chinese Cocktail Horoscope delivers an albums worth of intense and harrowing songs using minimal production and an over-abundance of emotion. The uniformity of mood overflows with Folk-Rock texture like a champagne fountain in the spring. The kick-off tracks “Happy New Year” and “Lucy’s Handmade Paper” pull you in with their heartsick delicacy while “Ads for Feelings” and “Bang on a Drum” turn pleasantly playful.  While much of this album is supported by little more than a guitar and piano, it’s Zapruder’s vocals that earn him the soapbox for the duration of the album as they compliment the musicianship perfectly. Employing members of the Decemberists and Tom Wait’s band, Michael Zapruder has created a worthy piece of folk art for the listener who maintains an ear for strong songwriting skills and soothing mantra. You will be finding solace in this album upon first play and if we’re lucky enough, we will be hearing more from this artist for many years to come. (Rob Watts)


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