Rick Pisano- Dawn of a Waking Man


*Originally published in 2009

Dawn of a Waking Man, the latest project by Boston area musician Rick Pisano is a straight ahead, no-nonsense blues album with such raucous intensity that it’s just impossible to turn the album off without a full listen. The vortex of galvanized guitar, bass and drum work is loose yet energetic while Pisano’s vocals are playful while staying true to blues form. From the bombastic “Ain’t no such thing as the Boston Blues” to the soulful “Ain’t got the Blues Since I Met You” reassures you that you’re not listening to your fathers blues albums. The contemporary sound takes nothing away from the heart of the work and all ten tracks are in fine form. Wisely, every track performed on the album is written and produced by Pisano, which is a breath of fresh air as of late with many blues artists feeling inclined to add a Bumble Bee Slim or Robert Cray rendition on their album. The greasy glossy six-string work on ‘Can’t Get Enough” and “One Night in Montreal” will have you dusting off the ol’ air guitar and “It Comes and Goes” will have you stomping your foot from the first chord. A truly enjoyable blues-rock album that will do your collection proud. Pick it up and get the party started.(Rob Watts)


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