Sonic Disorder- Self-Titled CD


*Originally published in January 2009

Whoever said grunge is dead will have to answer to the guys inSonic Disorder. Hailing from Boston’s South Shore, the band has produced a gritty and snarling no-holds rock album with heavy guitar solos and hell-bound vocals. Melodic at times, tracks such as “Don’t Know Why” could rival the band Staind while “Throw Myself” could easily be mistaken for early Stone Temple Pilots. That’s not to say that Sonic Disorder is a hodge-podge of the once great grunge mutiny of the nineties. Far from it. A truly great rock album knows how to use talented musicians to its advantage and Sonic Disorder does so brilliantly. Wisely leaving it at ten-tracks, the album allows itself to inject anger, despair and seamy harmonies in an efficient manner while leaving a lasting impression upon a complete listen. If this album is an indication of the band’s creative potential, then I surely look forward to a promising future for this Weymouth, Massachusetts band. Check them out and help keep solid rock music alive and well. (Rob Watts)


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