The Crumb Sullivans- Quincy Quarries Vol 1

*This music review was first published in 2006
Upon first listen, one might find themselves a tad bit confused with the musical offerings of Bobby Diggs and Slippery Lips Manning, also known as The Crumb Sullivans. By the end of this 4 song e.p., you will feel as though you were sitting around a camp fire, drinking a Black and Tan and singing along to some good ol’ Irish acoustic folk music.
     The Crumb Sullivans have released their 4-song e.p. titled The Quincy Quarry Recordings Volume 1. Literally recorded outdoors in the Quincy Quarries on a Sony 8mm Handycam, the duo performed live to no one other than the surrounding crickets and turtles….and if you listen closely, you will indeed hear the crickets.
     Corduroy Jones, Jimmy Told James, The Fighter and December 32nd may suffer from lack of production, but more than make up for it in heart, creativity and above all, off the cuff vocals. In a day and age where new bands have the resources to sit in their home studio and tune their music, song by song, to a fine polish, I would give The Crumb Sullivans e.p. my 2 thumbs up for bravery and boldness to record their songs in one take using unorthodox recording equipment and unleashing it to the public without compromise.
     Although it may not be Live at Pompei by Pink Floyd, this e.p. is a one of a kind and I find myself listening to it more and more. I truely believe it has laid the groundwork for a stella full length album in the near future. (Rob Watts)

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