The Mars Patrol- Making Memories


*This music review was first published in September 2007

“You and I. We go a long way back.” The opening line of The Mars Patrol’s latest release “Making Memories” seems to forecast what’s ahead for the Scottish Quartet; a rather large fan base over a span of many years.

On the band’s latest effort, they nailed it once again by following the formula that made their 2006 release “Are You With Me?” an international success. Release fewer tracks and make certain they all rock!. This six-track package is a clear-cut case of quality over quantity. In a day and age where most new bands are quick to shoot off all their bullets, The Mars Patrol knows all too well that slow and steady wins the race.

Track one, YEAH YEAH, sets the album off with its fist pumping chorus and air-drum groove. WHAT IF, a single that has been album-less for over a year finally finds its home on this CD. This is one of those great sing-a-long songs, much like that of HIT THE LIGHTS (released as a single only in 2006). The title track is truly a highlight of the album with its up-tempo bass-line performed by Stephen Parker and Ross Nelson’s crystal clear, often bounce-able guitar riffs. FOR ME FOR YOU is a classic Davina Divine rock-ballad reminiscent of last years I STILL WANT YOU. GIMME TIME is a basic all-out rocker which showcases newest member Matt Evans’ stellar drumming and time keeping. Capping off the CD is reflective sounds of TAKE A LOOK AT THE WORLD, complete with a backing band of chorus line singers. This smooth sounding knee tapping opus will have you singing along to the “Na Na Na Na” chorus in seconds.

“Making Memories” is available now at the band’s website and live shows. Pick up a copy now and say that you knew them way back when.(Rob Watts)


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