Silversun Pickups- Swoon (CD Review)


*This review was originally published in April 2009

“Swoon” is a near-perfect, if not immaculate modern rock record. The follow-up to their debut full-length “Carnavas” could have fell into the dreaded category of Sophomore slump, but instead, created a new template for future bands to live up to. Much darker than its predecesor, “Swoon” makes use of trippy and fuzzy guitar work blended with atmospheric overtones. The songs themself venture into unpredictable directions while Brian Aubert’s vocals are clearly the strongest they’ve ever been. Nikki Monninger’s bass lines are immense, however her vocals are limited to back-up this round, as opposed to the last album and ep. Chris Guanlao’s drumming is the true driving force behind tracks such as “Panic Switch, Surrounded (or spiraling) and The Royal We.” Joe Lester however is the unsung hero in SSPU, as his synths on each song, although modest, are absolutely mesmorizing. All ten tracks deserve to be listened to as a complete album to really feel the full effect of the artistry. The brilliance of “Swoon” is a testament to a band that doesn’t overthink it or take themselves too seriously. Hopefully Silversun Pickups will continue on with this philosophy for many more albums. (Rob Watts)


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