stimulator- Stimulator 2 (Album Review)

*This review was originally published in 2008.


Grab your Bonnie Bell Lip Gloss, put the top down on your V.W. Beetle and prepare to take a thirty-five minute trip through the 70s. The party begins from the opening line “Happiness is here today/Listen to the birds, you can taste it in the sea/Such a lovely day to be lazy/Got no mountain to clime, we can get drunk on wine.” Susan Hyatt’s Barbie-doll vocals make for a pleasing listening adventure while exquisite arrangement add to this aural milkshake of sunshine-pop delight. From the Disco infused “Holiday” and “Fashion” to the Linda Ronstadt influenced “Aloha” and “Gentlemen Prefer Polaroids”, Stimulator freely explore their love for easy-listening and hand-clapping Disco floor rhythm. “The whole concept of Stimulator is about celebrating life” says lead singer and songwriter Susan Hyatt, “I wanted the music on the new album to capture the feeling of being on vacation.” In addition to Hyatt (Pillbox), the trio is rounded out by bassist Sean Tichenor (King Black Acid) and Chad Stewart (Faster Pussycat, Gilby Clarke) on drums. The L.A. based super group create an atmosphere of enjoyment with their rendition of Captain and Tennille’s “Love Will Keep Us Together” while “French Cinema” will have you reminiscing over your nights at the roller rink. Flawless production value and cinematic storytelling through lyrics make this album a trip worth taking. Pick it up now. (Rob Watts)


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