The Mars Patrol- Landline (CD Review)


*This Review was first published on Nov. 28, 2010

The Mars Patrol are one of the most exciting bands in the indie rock world today. Whether they are playing to sell out crowds across the U.K., YouTubing weekly webisodes to their fans or touring the United States on their own dime, The Mars Patrol always seem to have that rare spark of electricity behind them to maintain their freshness in the music world. Their latest e.p. Landline is no exception. Their less-is-more approach has worked well for the band since they formed in 2004, in which every song they release must be no-less than brilliant. In other words, filler tracks need not apply. This 4-track e.p. is high energy and certainly a large step forward for the band. Recorded in Nashville, Tennessee and polished up by musical heavyweights Jon Bailey (Coldplay, Radiohead) and Grammy Award winner Brian Gardner (Michael Jackson, Linkin Park),Landline whips up a delightful pop-rock frenzy. Davina Divine’s warm yet edgy vocals deliver pure emotion on “That’s What You Get” and “Say it to My Heart” while her trademark cheerfulness shines bright on “Pride” and “Shake it Up.” Ross Nelson’s signature jangley guitar work is spot-on while Stephen Parker’s bass lines carry the songs with enough pounding bounce to surely get your heart racing. Landline is much more atmospheric than the band’s previous releases, but stays true to their rock roots. It’s possibly the last incredible indie release of 2010. Yet one more reason to believe that these Scottish Mars Patrolers may one day rule the earth. (Rob Watts)


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