The Mars Patrol- Live in Boston


The Mars Patrol Live at The Paradise Lounge
Boston, Massachusetts
October 27, 2007

What can I say about the Mars Patrol that hasn’t been said by their legions of fans world-wide? Just visit the forty-or-so fan created fan sites from Rhode Island to Tokyo and they will all tell you the same thing. This is definitely one of the coolest bands around today. Is it their stage presence? Their music? Their charisma? Well, one might not be certain. At least until you have seen this band live and then all those questions and doubts fade away into the stage lights.

As the Mars Patrol took the stage shortly after ten-o’clock , all eyes were on them as they ripped into ARE YOU WITH ME with such power and ferocity that you’d think you were watching them in front of 35,000 fans at Madison Square Garden. They were eager to please the small but packed room with gems like WHAT IF and HIT THE LIGHTS. One of the true highlights was the performance of I STILL WANT YOU as Davina Divine’s ready-made pop ballad vocals filled the room with chills as every seat absorbed her charm. Framing her vocals perfectly are guitarist Ross Nelson and bassist Stephen Parker while drummer Matt Evans holds court perfectly with his intense pounding and impeccable timing.

While the quartet filled a 30-minute set with plenty of crowd pleaser’s, nothing could top the audience participation of TAKE A LOOK AT THE WORLD, for which the onlookers sang along with the band on their NA NA NA NA Chorus. While the set was short but sweet, you could tell that they left a lasting impression on much of the room…even those sitting down the whole time.

While Talking with the band on their tour bus later that night, I asked them why a band from Scotland with no major label backing and limited resources would put together a United States tour and drive city to city where they may not be as popular as they might be back in the UK. They said, “Simple, we want to be the band that actually does what it says it will do…rather than just talk about doing it.” As we talked more and drank water and ate Halloween decorated cupcakes (I hope I’m not giving the secret of their success away) it was apparent that this is a band that will be around for a long time. The four of them live, eat, sleep and breath as The Mars Patrol. Their work ethic is one to be admired by other bands in their path and their music is a force to be reckoned with for many years to come.

Rob Watts
November, 2007



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