The New Collisions- Live at T.T. The Bears


T.T. The Bears Place, Cambridge, Ma. 7/21/08

     The in-going crowd is promising and lively as I approach the entrance of T.T.’s on a Sunday evening around 9:30. To my surprise, there is hardly a soul standing around the bar as forty-or-so fans are front-and-center by the stage in this rather small room, patiently awaiting the next band. During the moments it’s taken to order my drink, an additional ten to twelve fans walk in and scattered about the venue. Just minutes after 10:00, the next band take to the stage and introduce themselves as The New Collisions. Female-fronted, the band kick off with “Losing Ground” and seamlessly begin “Ones to Wander.” Vocalist Sarah Guild, who’s voice is a cross between Deborah Harry and Kim Gordon, rocks hard with husband Scott on guitars and their bassist named Alex, who blends perfectly with Mike and his tonitruous drumming. The room cheers along during “Underground” and “Sharp Citizen” and are rewarded with the quartet’s  rendition of “Love is a Battlefield” by Pat Benatar. They wrap it up with “Names” and forty-five minutes later, take to the floor to receive some well-earned handshakes and high-fives from satisfies listeners. (Rob Watts)


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