Varsity Drag- Live at T.T. The Bears


T.T. The Bears, Cambridge, MA
It’s just shy of midnight and the good-sized crowd at T.T.’s waits in anticipation of Varsity Drag. The band, led by ex-Lemonheads co-founder Ben Deily, features his wife Lisa on bass and his brother Jonno on skins. Sporting a straight-from-the-office look with Ben in a dress shirt/sweater vest combo and Lisa in her trademark skirt and Deeto cap, the band rips into an absolute power frenzy of tunes from their latest CD, For Crying Out Loud by churning out such tracks as “Summertime” and “Miles of Ocean” with the intensity of a band performing in front of a crowd of thirty-thousand. The Lemonheads classic “7 Powers” please the nostalgic attendees in hopes for a piece of the past. Before Ben introduces “Billy Ruane” as an ode to his friend, whom he met on this very stage twenty-years earlier, he noticesf the unsupervised merchandise table in the back and announces that the honor system is in effect. This is met with a few giggles in the crowd. Despite the continuous monitor issues, spirits are held high right until the final song. It’s refreshing to watch Ben carry on with his musical legacy rather than resting on his Lemonheads catalog from the Taang Records days. (Rob Watts)


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