Korrie Hall Interview


This interview was originally published by Ocean View Press in 2004 and was conducted by contributor Tabitha Swan.

Tabitha- At what age did you decide that music was your thing?

Korrie- I’ve always sang and played instruments, but it was about a year and a half ago that I decided I wanted to pursue music seriously.

Tabitha- What was the inspiration behind your decision to pursue music?

Korrie- I started playing shows at local venues, and I really enjoyed it. I’ve had a lot of encouragement from friends and people in the community, as well.

Tabitha- Did you have any musical family members growing up or were you the “gifted one” in that capacity?

Korrie-My dad plays a little piano, but I haven’t seen him do that in years. I guess, I’m the only person in my family who ever took a serious interest in music.

Tabitha- Who was the first band or musician that you fell in love with growing up?

Korrie-The Beatles. I used to play my dad’s Beatles records all the time when I was a kid. They’re the first band I remember listening to.

Tabitha-What part of Canada did you grow up in? Give our readers an idea of the setting in your hometown.

Korrie- I grew up in Brighton, which is a small town in Southern Ontario. Brighton is one of those towns where you know everyone and everyone knows you.

Tabitha- Describe the music scene in Brighton.

Korrie-There are many bars and other venues in the area that offer live music. The people of Brighton and the surrounding communities have always been very supportive of local talent.

Tabitha-You play Acoustic guitar and harmonica. Are there any instruments that you want to learn in the future?

Korrie-I would like to learn to play the bass.

Tabitha – “Exposed” is a beautiful song. When did you write it and what inspired you to write it?

Korrie-Thank you. I wrote “Exposed” in October 2003. It was inspired by a
late-night conversation with a friend.

Tabitha- The harmonica playing is incredible. Is it difficult to play harmonica
and to sing at the same time? It sounds as if you transition between
harmonica and vocals with ease.

Korrie-I really don’t find it too difficult to play the harmonica and sing. It
just takes a little practice to get used to it. I can’t take credit for the
harmonica on the “Exposed” track, though. Mark Taylor, a very talented
singer/songwriter from Picton, ON plays the harmonica on that track.

Tabitha- So you are in the studio currently working on a new album. How would you describe the tone of your new music to someone who has never heard you before?

Korrie-My new album is being recorded by Mark Taylor in his home studio in Picton, ON. I think anyone who has never heard me before will find that my music is a mixture of Folk, Rock, and Country.

Tabitha- When can fans expect to see the album released?

Korrie-The album is scheduled to be released this Fall.

Tabitha- What do you do for enjoyment when breaking away from music?

Korrie-I spend a lot of time with my close friends. I have friends who play music as well, so when I’m not playing, I enjoy going to their shows and listening to them.

Tabitha- What words of encouragement would you give to young female musicians looking to get started in their career?

Korrie- If you love it, do it. If a career in music is what you want, work really
hard at it, always keep learning, and try not to get too discouraged.

Tabitha- Before we end the interview, would you like to say anything to the

Korrie- I would just like to thank everyone for their interest and support.


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