Simplekill Interview


This interview was originally published in 2005 by Ocean View Press and was conducted by contributor Tabitha Swan.
Panjo- This current line up has been together for roughly 3 years.

Where are you guys from and how did the band form?

We’re all from the South Florida area. Miami, Ft Lauderdale and delray/boca raton . We formed through friends and the love for Ray Victory

At what age did you know you wanted to be a musician?

I knew from a very early age that I wanted to be an entertainer of some sorts. I realized my calling was music when I was about 10 when I owned my first Tina turner album.

Up until more recently, you never heard of many bands coming out of Florida. Has that changed at all in recent years and tell us what the local music scene is like in your area?

I consider Florida to be the home of remarkable musicians. Florida has always been a breading ground for diverse musicians. Nonpoint , limp bizkit , Marylyn Manson, poison the well and countless of other bands have really brought the attention of the music industry to Florida,If anything that awareness towards Florida has increased a great deal. A Few years back our local scene somewhat died out with the signing of nonpoint,Endo and Darwins waiting room, Simplekill and a few other bands were the new comers and it was extremely hard to get our scene going again, but with hard work and dedication the local scene’s fire reignited. Now Florida is perhaps the top scene in the country.

Who are some of your musical influences?

As a band our musical influences range from Pantera to Janis Joplin,but my musical influences are Tina turner , Ray Victory , Glassjaw ,Bone thugs n harmony , Janis Joplin and mars volta. The more underground influences would be In reverent Fear and Saosin

Who have you gotten to open up for or play alongside with on stage so far?

Nationals that we’ve opened for are Drowning Pool, Earshot, Vision of Disorder, I’ll Nino, Clutch, Coal Chamber, God Forbid, 40 Below Summer, Mushroomhead, From Autumn To Ashes, Shadows Fall, Diecast ,Nonpoint, Poison the Well, Darwin’s Waiting Room, Crossbreed, Al is Well, Endo, Groovenics , Twice The Sun and many more.

So talk about Shear Confidence, your 7 song E.P. , how long did it take to record and was it an easy recording process?

Pre-production took about 3 months,The actual recording was 2 months of intensity. It was a amazing experience. I don’t think it was ever “hard”. We looked at it as a opportunity for us to grow as musicals. At times it was difficult, but it never discouraged us ,only gave us hope Knowing we were enhancing our craft.

Are you guys working on new material now?

Yes we are. We’re actually in the studio as we speak working on our up coming E.P which should be out in a few months.

Where is the best place you have played live so far?

House of blues or Hard rock live.Great places!

Have you played in the New England area at all ? ( Boston, Rhode Island ). If so, what was the feedback like from the audiance and what do you remember most about the area?

We’ve never had the honor to play New England. I’ve spent much time in the Boston area though and It would an awesome place to play.

Since we are interviewing just you right now, could you give us a rundown of the other band members? ( names and instruments etc…)


Panjo –Vocals

Jeff martin- Guitar

Kerry Smith – Guitar

Matt pickton- Bass

Jon Sperry – Drums/Backup vocals

Anything that you would like to promote on here? ( upcoming shows, merch…etc)

Our current release ( Shear confidence ) is available online at ,Also all our merch is online as well. Make sure to join our message board and street team.Keep checking back at to see when we’ll be in your area. We’ll be embarking on a tour this summer.Last but not least,Our upcomming release will be out in a few months .Keep a look out for that.

Where should the readers go on the web to learn more about you? (see links)

What advise do you give to bands just starting out?

PRACTICE,PROMOTE,and PRACTCE. Never give up – no matter what anyone says.

Anything you’d like to say before we wrap this up?

Yep,Remember to always support your local scene/local bands,or even local bands that aren’t around your area. The internet has broken down a huge barrier that once crushed a lot of bands. Now you’re able to support bands that may be thousands of miles away. You may not be able to go to there shows ,but you can still support by buy there cd and merch..Bands need your help ,so make sure to keep supporting.


Thanks for chatting with us and warmest regards to you and the band. (Tabitha Swan)


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