Creepy Crawlie Interview

This interview was originally published by Ocean View Press back in 2004 and was conducted by interviewer Rob Watts.

Spotlight Interview
March 2004
Katja and Marika from the band
Creepy Crawlie
By Rob Watts

Here is an awesome all-girl band from Finland called Creepy Crawlie. Katja and Marika were kind enough to talk to us about their band. They informed me that their english is not that great and that they’d do their best. Well, they did better than “best” and they gave some great answers. Check out the bands website and give the MP3’s a listen. Here goes!

Ocean View Press- First off, how are you doing today?

Katja: -Well It`s F-ing cold outside(minus 10 celsius or something+the wind)and I was more than half an hour late for work so this morning didn`t start in
a best possible way..

Marika: I’m doing ok, but it IS really F-ing cold outside and I have my summer shoes on!!

Can you tell us your name, what instrument you play and where are you from?

Katja: My name is Katja,also called Pipsa,I play guitar and sing and I`m from Helsinki.

Marika: hi. I’m marika and I ”play” the drums. I also live in Helsinki.

How about the other members? What are their names and what do each of them play?

Katja: Marika plays drums,Peppi sings,K?plays guitar and Eva plays the bass.

How long has the band been together?

Katja: We`ve been playing together about 3 years now,and Eva has been playing with us about 2 years.At first there was this guy called Tomu playing the bass but he took off and Eva replaced him.

So how did the band get started?

Katja: Well we all had this dream about starting our own band and we all liked same kind of music so it just seemed natural that we would start a group together.

What age did you start playing music?

Katja: I was 13 years old when I bought my first guitar and started playing it, I guess the other girls started when this band was founded, so we were all about 18 years old then..All though Marika played drums in another band before us they did only one gig and I guess they only played covers…?

marika- yep, I had this band when I was about 17 years old and we only played some Hole and Bikini Kill covers basically. It
didn’t work out for some reason. and I’m kinda happy that it didn’t cause otherwise I wouldn’t be with CC now.

Who are some of your favorite bands?

Katja- there are so many of them..well I like American hardcorecrustpunk bands like His Hero Is Gone,From Ashes Rise ,Tragedy..but then I also like PJ Harvey(well she`s the only artist I like in that genre)..Iron Maiden is great!And Finish hardcore bands like Katastrofialue,Mellakka,Riistetyt,Amen…there are lot of great bands I can`t list them all here…

Marika:- well I like almost all kinds of music; hardcore, electro, punk, indie bands… some of my current favorites are Le Tigre, The Distillers, Betercore, Anti-flag, Rancid, Chicks On Speed, Fannypack, Sleater-Kinney, Mew, F-Minus… the list is endless, I think you got the picture..

Have you got the chance to play outside of Finland at all?

Katja- :well we were once offered a gig in Tallinn(Estonia) but we had another gig appointed for that day in Helsinki so we could`t go there..But I think it would be cool playing outside of Finland also..

Marika:- I’m totally waiting for a tour in Europe or anywhere, that would be so cool!

How would you describe the music scene where your from?

KAtja:- well we play mostly in punk gigs. mainly with finnish hardcore and
punk bands,but we have been also playing in different Girl Rock or Feminist Music events..But Punk is definitely my thing!

Marika:- riot grrrl and punk. the riot grrl scene in Finland is kinda dead, if it has ever been alive even.. and I’m not really missing it..

Here in America, there are not that many female bands in the spotlight right now. Is it the same in Finland or are there a lot of female bands in the mainstream right now?

katja- :well I don`t know so much about the mainstream and in fact I`m not
even interested what`s happening there..But in the Punk scene female bands are still pretty rare..But I really hope that`s going to change! There
are few great female bands active in finish punk scene right now but I`m afraid you can count them with one hand fingers…

Marika: – girls should definately start playing more! I know only one or two ”girlbands” in the punkscene right now. I’m also not very interested about the mainstream, but there are some girlbands. Not very many though.

You recently put out a new CD. What is it called and how long did it take to record?

Katja:- The CD-r is called Smile of Victory and it
took one weekend to record it. I guess we spent two evenings in the studio if I remember correctly..It was about a year ago when we recorded it

Where can the readers buy your CD and get info on your band?

Our website is (see links) and
our e-mail address is you can also order by snail mail Creepy Crawlie Lahnalahdentie 11 00200 Helsinki, Finland . The CD-r costs 1euro + post payment..

Describe the other girls in the band so the readers can get an idea of who they are?

Katja:- well it`s all in our web pages,you can look there if you want to know what we look like,and there`s also other info about us..I?ll just say that they`re all cute girls and good friends of mine..:)

What are the future plans for the band?

Katja:-we are soon going to record a 7″ split with finnish band called W?it`s going to be out sometime..I really don`t know
when..then we are just rehearsing and doing as much gigs as possible..and I personally am dreaming about a tour for
example in
Europe or somewhere outside of Finland..

Marika -and write new songs!!

What advise would you give to new bands just starting out who are looking to succeed?

Katja:- I don`t know…just rehearse,take every possible gig offered(well not EVERYTHING offered of course use
your brains) and just make your own kind of music,if they like it they like it if they don`t then,just screw them.

Marika:- do your own thing, i think that’s the most important thing, and don’t care if some people don’t like your music!! It’s the main thing that YOU do like it!

Could you say something about our website in Finish and tell us what it means?

KAtja:- Kiitos paljon haastattelusta ja on hienoa ett䠼br>annetaan tuntemattomillekin b䮤eille mahdollisuus tuoda itse䤮 esille.

Thank you very much for the interview and It`s
great that you`re offering a possibility for unknown bands also to make themselves heard.

Marika:- kiitos haastattelusta, n䤠oli mukavia kysymyksi䡼/font>

(thank you for the interview, these were very nice questions!)

Did you enjoy our interview?

Katja:- Yeah I enjoyed it,thank you.

Marika.- yes, this was fun!

Is there anything you would like to say before we end this fun?

Katja: -well just keep rocking,have fun,don`t let them bring you down,fight against submission,racism,sexism,vivisection and shit like that.

Marika:- YEAH!!

Thanks so much for talking with us and best of luck with your music !

KAtja:-Thank you.

Marika.- thank you and TERKKUJAA


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