Victoria Zdrok Interview


This interview with Victoria Zdrok was originally published in 2004 at Ocean View Press. The interview was conducted shortly after her appearance in Penthouse Magazine. Please enjoy the following interview by Rob Watts.

Rob- Could you start off by telling us where you are from origionally?

Victoria Zdrok- I am from Kiev, the capital of the Ukraine. When I lived there, it was a republic in the U.S.S.R.; but now it is an independent country.

Rob- How did you come about being a student here in the states? Was it a dream of yours?

Victoria- Yes, it was a dream of mine since I was a little girl. My father used to listen to Voice of America on a clandestine shortwave radio; and I would listen with him. I grew up believing that America offered freedoms and opportunities that the Soviet Union promised but did not deliver. So I studied English, became good enough to be chosen as an interpreter for American teachers visiting the Soviet Union, and got lucky when one of them asked to sponsor me as a foreign exchange student to the US.

Rob-You certainly got some great education too. Can you tell us about what colleges you attended and what did you end up studying?

Victoria- I graduated with a B.A. from West Chester University, a J.D. from Villanova Law School, and a Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology from Drexel University. My last two degrees were part of a joint law & psychology program, one of only two in the country; and so my thesis covered both disciplines. However, my main interest is in psychology, especially the psychology of human sexuality.

Rob- So what lead to your modeling career? Where you always interested in modeling, or was it just something you tried once and ended up loving it?

Victoria- No, I accidentally fell into it when a Playboy scout met me at a psychology convention and asked me to try out for Playboy. I didn’t
think I was pretty enough for Playboy, but I guess I was. Once I
started modeling, I grew to love it–especially dressing up in nice
outfits and posing for the camera.

Rob- What was your first magazine layout?

Victoria- That was my Playboy centerfold layout, which appeared in the October 1994 issue.

Rob- Since then, you have appeared in countless Playboy’s and Penthouse issues. Not many women get the honor of doing both in fact I believe you are only the second woman to do that. How does it feel to have that destinction?

Victoria- I am honored to be one of only two women to be centerfolds in both Playboy and Penthouse–and the first to become Pet of the Year! These are the two most prominent and classy mens’ magazines in the world; and only 12 women a year get chosen by each one (out of thousands who apply). Moreover, having these appearances 8 years apart means that I have maintained my modeling career much longer than most women are able to.

Rob- You are also in magazines worldwide, not just in America. Can you tell us some of the other magazines that you have been featured in?

Victoria- You can find me in Club, Club International, Gallery, Leg Show, Mayfair, Velvet, Swank, Gent, Maxim, Leg Action, Celebrity Sleuth, Just Girls, Mens World, Looker, Leg Sex, Nugget, Taboo, Panty Play, Xcitement, Bachelor (a Japanese mens’ magazine), Spark (a Korean mens’ magazine), 11 international editions of Playboy, and 6 international editions of Penthouse; plus 20 or more Playboy Special Editions, Penthouse Letters and other special issues. And that is just the mens’ magazines. My fashion photos have appeared in advertising in just about every magazine; and I have been on the covers of and inside Philadelphia Magazine, Max Advantage, Commercial Realty Review, True Love, and the Guitar Buyers Guide.

Rob- Are you interested in doing Hollywood films at somepoint, or are you concentrating on your modeling at this time?

Victoria- No, I am not interested in Hollywood. I really hate the drugged-out, inflated-ego, self-centered world of Hollywood movies. However, I am interested in doing more high-quality erotic videos, like Michael Ninn’s “Temptation” or my own “Centerfold Coeds: Girlfriends”; and I am going to produce my own video/DVD on sexual techniques – to improve the love-making skills of both men and women.

Rob- You have done many television appearances as well. One that comes to mind is The Howard Stern show where recently you appeared on his show and the guys in the studio all battled over who got the chance to hug you, touch you, etc. How does it feel to be admired so much by fans of yours, and does it get a bit overwealming for you at times?

Victoria- I think every woman likes to be admired by men; and I have to admit I’m just like other women in that respect. While Howard Stern can be somewhat intimidating because he likes to demean women, I have been able to handle him in my four appearances to date. It does get a bit overwhelming though, when I get 200 e-mails a day from fans to respond to, or when I have to deal with fans who ask too much of me. My problem is that I genuinely care for my fans and hate to disappoint them in any way, so I end up doing much more for them than I really have time for. I guess I will catch up on all my missed sleep only after my modeling career is over!

Rob- Now tell us about the various languages that you speak. You speak English, French, Russian, German and Spanish. How long did it take you to learn all five of those and what is your favorite to speak?

Victoria- Russian is my native language; and I learned the others in elementary and secondary schools. Since I have been in America for 14 years, I am most comfortable speaking and writing in English and Russian; but French is my “favorite” language. It is so lyrical; and some of the most romantic–and erotic–poetry in the world is written in French.

Rob- Is there another language that you would like to learn in the

Victoria- Well, if I had the time, I would love to learn Chinese, as I think that China is going to play a big part in world affairs in the future, and it would be nice to communicate with influential thinkers in China.

Rob- So tell us what lies ahead for Victoria Zdrok. What are some of the things you are working on now?

Victoria- I spend most of my time on my website, and in doing promotions for Penthouse as their Pet of the Year 2004. My website takes up most of my time, as I post 100-200 new pictures a week; and I set up, shoot, develop, scan and post all the pictures myself; plus, I do two hour-long nude chats and a nude workout and shower every week and answer hundreds of e-mails every day. But I am also writing a book, “Understanding Sexual Fantasy,” on the role that fantasy plays in human sexuality; and I am developing a website covering love, sex and dating which will feature the top experts in these fields ( In addition, I am working on the video I mentioned above, going back to school to get my certification as a sex therapist, and developing a sexual advice TV show for mainstream TV. Now you know why I have no time for sleep!

Rob- Are you doing any appearences around the country?

Victoria- Yes, I will be doing Penthouse promotions all over the country during 2004. I just got back from Las Vegas and LA; and I am scheduled to leave for the West Coast again in a few more days. I will try to post my appearances on my website, so that fans in all the cities I visit will be able to meet me.

Rob- What stands out in your mind about our hometown of Boston?

Victoria- I have been to Boston several times. I live near New York City, not too far away. I think the most memorable thing about Boston is its sense of history, from its winding streets to its historic monuments and the places where America was born as a nation. Also worth many a mention is the seafood served in Boston restaurants. I just love seafood; and Boston has some of the best!

Rob- We have something in common. We are both born under the aquarius sign in 1973. Do you pay much attention to astrological signs when dating like a lot of people do, or do you have your own preference for dating?

Victoria- No, I don’t believe in astrology at all. It seems to me to be silly to think that some configuration of planets will determine what kind of person you are. I believe that every person, no matter what “sign” they may be born under, is capable of being a caring, considerate, thoughtful and loving person towards any other person. It is all a matter of character; and that is a product of a person’s environment (with maybe some help from his or her genes) plus that person’s effort at self-improvement. When I date, I look for character, not “signs.”

Rob- For our readers, can you describe what you look for in a man?

Victoria- Besides being tall (over 6’4″), with deep, dark eyes, wavy black hair and the spitting image of JFK, Jr.? (Just kidding–but if you look like that, e-mail me a picture!) Mostly, I look for intelligence,
kindness, generosity, honesty, genuineness, and openness, with a truly loving character.

Rob- Now where should our readers go on the web to find out more about

Victoria- The best place is, of course, my site . Not only does it have a complete biography of me (with lots of personal details in my members area), but also each of my stories and articles–I write a story or behind-the-scenes account to go with all my photosets–reveal my feelings, emotions, ideas, thoughts and beliefs. I am VERY open with my members, holding nothing back–even personal sexual preferences–and in my chats and e-mails to members, I will answer any question and give you my true thoughts on any issue. This is the major reason why most of my members stay members month after month and year after year. They feel they really know me as a person; and I feel they are my friends who think of me as more than “just a pretty face” or a “nice body.” Indeed, I think that many of my most loyal members will stay my friends long after I am too old to model.

Rob-Before we wrap up, do you have any parting words for the readers?

Victoria- I hope most of them–indeed, all of them–will join my site. Even if they get tired of looking at the 6,000 pictures of me there, I have photos of over 70 other Playmates, Pets and top models, many in girl-girl sets with me; plus all my members can attend the nude chats of 10-15 other classy internet models for no additional charge. But whether they join my site or not, I hope that they will join me in
making our society a safer, saner and more loving society. If everyone tried to be more giving, more caring and more loving to each other, year after year, then we can effect a great change in the way we get along with each other. Putting an end to racism, gender bias, religious intolerance, and socio-economic discrimination are goals we can accomplish if we put our minds to it.

Rob- Thank you Victoria, you are a very attractive woman and we look forward to hearing from you again in the future. Happy new year, and best of luck with everything.

Victoria- Thank you too Rob, for allowing me to stand on your soapbox for a few moments; and Happy New Year to all my fans and friends in Boston!



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