Linda Lopez Interview


*The following interview was originally published in 2004 by Ocean View Press and was conducted by Rob Watts.

Hello to all of you. I’m pleased to bring you my interview with a lovely friend of mine. A young lady named Linda Lopez. Linda is a solo performer from Hollywood California and based on the demos I listened to a while back, I’d say that her upcoming full length CD will prove to be a great success. So here we go.

Rob- So how are you today?

Linda-I’m doing really well, thank you for asking. I hope you are too.

Rob- So you’re in Hollywood California. Can you describe a typical day for you in the land of sunshine so us poor souls in cold New England can live vicariously through you for a few moments?

Linda- Yes, I do live in Hollywood, California. Oh I wouldn’t consider the citizens living in New England poor souls because its cold, embrace the weather. I’m still in High School . Usually my alarm clock goes off at 5:45 am, I get ready for school. School starts at 7:40 am, I have four classes. So from 7:40 till 12:37 pm I’m in school, then I go the studio after school and get home around 8:00pm. The days are great because my school schedule is flexible and then I get to go do what I love in the studio.The weather in California has been great, days are sunny, and the sky is clear and it’s beautiful.I bet it’s wonderful in New England with the weather and all, you beautiful souls get to experience fall and snow, something that us Californians don’t get to experience very much.

Rob- Now you were born in Guadalajara Mexico. At what age did you move to California?

Linda- Yes, I was born in Guadalajara, Mexico. At the age of two I moved to Southern California in a town called “Lake Forest.” I was raised there till the year 2000 when I moved to Hollywood.

Rob- You started to become musical at age 13. Were your family members supportive of you getting into music?

Linda- I was very musical at such an early age, where I participated in my school plays and did the school talent shows. By the age of 13 I started to write, and express my emotions and sang along to Whitney Houston. My family was indeed very supportive, but I don’t think they expected me to follow through with it.

Rob- So in 2003, you found your voice and recorded your 3 demo’s. Can you tell us about the recording process? Was this your first time in a studio and who worked with you in the studio?

Linda- Yes in 2003, I recorded my demo with Chris Wesley. I have worked on my song writing, and wanted to do something with them musically. The first song to be recorded was “Just A Girl.” It was an amazing process recording that song, because what Chris and I do is walk through it, we connect in a musical way where we just find the tune, and go with it. Usually we start off with a direction of what we want the song to represent, then it changes because ideas start flowing in, and the music to “Just A Girl” changed about four times. Recording the vocals to the song was great, because once you get into this place on where you want to take the vocals, something with that creative force you began with forms somehow, forms it’s own identity. Then the second song to be recorded was “The Pain Inside.” The pain inside for me was very therapeutic because it allowed me to go into this place and whatever came out vocally was how I felt inside. It’s funny because Chris and I were talking about what the song meant to me, and then when I recorded it, all the tension was just free and it came out great. The hardest song for me to record was “Open Up Your Eyes.” The reason for that is because, the style of it was so different, from the other songs. Keep in mind I was just starting to find my voice, and my style so to go do this rock thing with attitude was new to me. It was really great, because once I got the hang of it, it just flowed better vocally. The process of recording the 3 songs, were very different, then anything I have experienced while working with other producers, because it was more personal and the style of the songs were about my voice, and my style and to have that creative freedom is a powerful thing to have.

Rob- As I mentioned to you the other day, your song “The pain inside” is just so gripping and enchanting. What is that song about and will that appear on your upcoming album?

Linda- Thank you so much for finding “The Pain Inside” enchanting. The song will appear on the album. The pain inside, is a very emotional song because it had to do with what I was experiencing in my life, different changes, finding out things in my family. I held all these emotions inside of me, and sooner or later they needed to be released, but when your trying to be strong you tend to just hide your feelings. I came to a point where I needed to find a way to let them all go, and just be happy. Especially when someone you love hurts you, it’s like how do you find a way to move on, and forgive them? How do you let all that go and how do you find a way to be happy again? It’s like your trying to find the answers, but the answers are there within you, but you keep searching and all along its inside of you. How do you let that go?

Rob- Speaking of the upcoming album, When will it be released, and how many tracks will it include?

Linda- The album has 16 songs, and will be released sometime in June. I do not have a definite date, but it will be posted on my website.

Rob- Will you tour behind it or will you hold off for a while?

Linda- Oh definitely, I will be performing and promoting the album in Hollywood, and anywhere else I get a chance to!

Rob- How would you describe your sound to someone who has not heard your music yet?

Linda- That’s a good question. It’s very original, and authentic, not something you heard before. It has elements of jazz,blues, Spanish and hip hop, but with the fundamentals of what makes great rock music.

Rob- Who are some of your musical influences?

Linda- My musical influences are Led Zeppelin, Nina Simone, Etta James, Buena Vista Social Club, Tori Amos, Ani Difranco and Damien Rice.

Rob- Do you play any instruments or is there an instrument that you’d like to learn?

Linda- I used to play the violin. I would love to learn to re-play the violin, learn the guitar,piano and the drums.

Rob- Do you have other musicians in your family or are you the first to conquer new territory?

Linda- I grew up in a musical household. My mother use to sing when she was younger, but never took singing as a career. I would say I’m the first to actually follow through and make it a reality.

Rob- Can you talk a little about your writing process? Do you write poems and somehow break them down into songs?

Linda- I write what I feel, when I feel it. If there’s an experience in my life, where it’s painful or happy I write about it. It starts from an emotion. Usually I start off with the title of the song, and begin the emotional digging process where I write and let everything be released, then after I find out what my emotions are I structure the song. If I feel it’s not complete or I need something more to the song, I work with Chris Wesley and my sister Liliana Lopez, to be able to go more in depth.

Rob- What do you do for enjoyment when your not doing music?

Linda- Haha. Music pretty much takes up all my life right now. When I do get the chance, I like to hang out with my mom and watch movies. Usually I’m reading about new information about the music industry, and finding out more ways to get heard.

Rob- You said something before about giving back to the community once your established. That is a very unselfish goal as you are about to embark onto the music scene. Do you agree that during the times we live in, it’s very important to reach out now and then rather than be concerned with the “bling bling” and the image of the entertainment industry?

Linda- I always try to give back in any way I possibly can, but there is so much I want to do by giving back to the community. When I’m established, I want to create a foundation in helping people in their daily needs, from supporting them with their dreams and anything they want to accomplish. I believe we are all here to help one another, and be there for one another. I’m just not at that point in my life where I can do the things I want to a full degree. Where it will make me feel good, as in helping people financially, like paying their rent when they are going to school etc. I definitely agree that this day in age it is important to be able to help others, in any possible way we can ,because when we die we are not going to take our materialist possessions with us, but rather the moments in our lives where we reached out our hand to help another in need. Instead of being selfish and dugged in an illusion that money is all that matters, shouldn’t be the case in the entertainment industry, or in any industry. Yes, I do comprehend that it pays our bills, but I believe that if you have some, why not give some? I’m also not stating that its not okay to go full out in your house or car, but the materialistic things shouldn’t be all that matters in our lives.

Rob- Knowing what you know now about the music business, what advise would you give to a young female looking to make a career out of music?

Linda- Definitely know what you want to do with your career, start off with a plan, and then move on from there. Also, be educated about the music industry, don’t say oh my agent can handle that. If you want to succeed, you need to know what work it takes behind any business. Kind of like, oh I can cook really well, but you just don’t make a restaurant, without having a menu, without having something to back you up. The music business is like any other business, you need to treat it with care, and understand the whole process. Know about percentages, about copyrighting, joining ASCAP etc. If you want something so bad, first educate yourself, talent is great, but also understand the business side.

Rob- Where should the readers go on the web to get more information on you and your music?

Linda- You can get more information on my website at and there will be songs you can hear under the download sections. Also we will have a newsletter, where you can find out more information. For the mean time, you can listen to three of the songs at

Rob- Did you enjoy our interview?

Linda- I most definitely enjoyed the interview. Thank you so much, for taking the chance to interview me. I really appreciate it!!!

Rob- It has been a real pleasure and I can’t wait to hear your new material. Do you have any final words before we end this fun?

Linda- I can’t wait for everyone to hear the final music too!!!!! I want to thank you so much from the bottom of my heart, for giving me this opportunity. Thank you. Check out the website for more news and new music. Thank you once again and best wishes on your book!!!!!



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