Exploding Cheese Burgers (recipe)


What you need:

Ground Beef (1LB recommended)
1 package of Daniblu Danish Blue Cheese
Sliced cheese (Sharp Cheddar or Swiss recommended)
Salt and pepper
A1 Marinade

Start by preparing the ground beef. Take a full handful of beef. Flatten it out on a sanitary surface. Portion a goofball sized ball of Daniblu Blue Cheese and place it on the center of the flattened ground beef. Begin molding the beef into a round ball, keeping the cheese in the center. (Do not flatten the burger, keep it in the shape of a ball.) Completely season the ground beef with the desired amount of salt and pepper. Get ready to place on the grill.

When grilling the burger meat, be sure to pre-heat the grill and leave the temperature on low. This keeps the cheese inside from overlooking and ultimately draining out of the beef before cooking is complete. Place your burger(s) on the heated grill. Lightly baste with A-1 Marinade Sauce. Continue to baste every 5 minutes until cooking is complete. Flip burger only once after approximately 8-10 min. Let the opposite side cook until its complete and do not press down with your spatula to release grease. You will press the cheese right out of your burger. When complete, you will see a slight glimpse of cheese bubbling around the center of your burger. This lets you know that it is done. Top with your desired flavored sliced cheese and place on a burger bun.

Caution- cheese in the center will be hot so wait a few moments to let it cool. Add desired condiments to your burger. The Danish Blue Cheese is tangy, so dill pickle chips or slices compliment this burger. Enjoy! (Rob Watts)




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