Jamie Coon Interview


*The following interview was originally published in 2004 by Ocean View Press. And was conducted by writer Rob Watts.

Rob- How are you today?

Jamie Coon-Great, hope all is well with you.

Rob-You were raised in Okemah Oklahoma. What were your main influences as far as music growing up? Did you grow up in a musical family or were you influenced by other elements in your community?

Jamie-I listen to a variety of music, but my main
influences are Elton John & Ronnie Milsap. They are
both amazing performers and musicians. I also grew up
in a ‘”singing household” – my Mom and Dad both sang
around the house and I used to sing with them in

Rob-How old were you when you caught the musical bug?

Jamie-I was about 7 years old. I can remember singing
along to Elton John in front of my bedroom mirror. Ah,
to be 7 years old again!

Rob-What instruments do you play or what instruments would you like to learn?

Jamie-I play piano and bit of guitar. I would love to be
a great guitarist someday.

Rob-You possess a very angelic voice. Were you vocally trained at any point or has it just always come natural for you to sing with such a soothing texture?

Jamie-Thank you! I never had any real vocal training
until I attended M.I. – They certainly helped with
technique. I guess you could say it developed through
both training and natural methods.

Rob-In 1998, you moved to Los Angeles to attend The Musicians Institute. What was the first thing you noticed that was different from your hometown of Okemah?

Jamie-Where to start! The amount of activity in general
-I know it’s cliche, but the traffic is something you
have to experience to believe. And the mix of people
is pretty impressive. Considering my high school
graduating class was 80 people it was a lot to take
in. I looked around and thought “Oh my God, I’m going
to be living here!”

Rob-Would you recommend The Musicians Institute to other musicians?

Jamie-On the whole, yes. I thought some of the teachers
were great, some were…not so great. I would
definitely recommend checking it out yourself. Talk to
people who go there.

Rob-You scored a song on the motion picture “Gone But Not Forgotten.” How did that come about?

Jamie-One of my best friends, Matthew Montgomery, was the
lead actor in the film. He passed a demo of mine to
the director, Mike Akers. Mike called me and asked if
they could use the song from the demo (“Waiting”) and
would I like to write another song for a particularly
sexy scene. It was a great experience. And surprising
too, since I had no idea Matt had given him my demo.

Rob-Your forthcoming debut album “Silent Words.” How long did it take you to put it together between getting a band together, writing the songs, etc..?

Jamie-I’ve been working with producer Jarret Michaels for
a year and a half. He put together most of the music
except “Touch Me” and my next single “Waiting”. I am
currently working with a very cool guitarist named
Rafael Barrajas. We are writing new material which may
get added to the CD.

Rob-When will it be released?

Jamie-We had to push back the original release date. It
was supposed to be out at the end of this month. We
have rescheduled the release for December 2004.

Rob-In the meantime, fans can check out the MP3’s of “Touch Me” on your website. What was the inspiration behind that song?

Jamie- I wrote the song with an awesome musician, Byron
Evans. He’s my boyfriend’s brother. We wrote it and my
boyfriend produced and mixed it. It was all recorded
in our living room. Basically, the song is how I feel
about my boyfriend Pat.

Rob-Am I correct in assuming that we will hear some Native American influences as well throughout your debut?

Jamie-There are no overt Native American references on
the album (so far). But because it’s my heritage and I
am proud of it, I guess you could say it’s there
throughout in spirit.

Rob-What bands or musicians are you a fan of these days?

Jamie-Elton & Ronnie of course…In my car right now I’m
listening to Aimee Mann, Lyle Lovett & Maroon Five.

Rob-Are there any other projects that your working on right now, or are you mainly concentrating on your music right now?

Jamie-I’m playing shows in & around Los Angeles, writing
new material and putting the finishing touches on my

Rob-What words of advise or encouragement would you share with a young up and coming musician?

Jamie-Believe in yourself and be proud of who you are.
Don’t let people tell you what you can and can’t do.
Listen to yourself.

Rob-Did you enjoy our interview?

Jamie-Yes I did! This was my first interview. Thank you.

Rob-Anything you care to say to the readers before wrapping up?

Jamie-Check out my website http://www.jamiecoon.com for upcoming
performances and news. Also, please vote for my music
at http://www.myjonesmusic.com. And thank you to everyone who
has supported me so far. You know who you are!


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