Purple Pam Interview


Spotlight Interview *Originally Published by Ocean View Press in
December 2004
Purple Pam
by Rob Watts

Rob- Pam, before we begin, how are you today?

Pam- Fuckin’ fabulous, thanks for asking!

Rob- First off, tell us about your name. When did you take on the name Purple Pam and is it true that we have Crayola to thank?

Pam- Well I’ve always been into purple and started dying my clothes with Rit Dye since I was 11 because they didn’t make purple clothes back then like they do now, and especially for kids. I get so jealous. When I was in my early 20’s, I had a hairdresser friend who called me up one day and told me she found fushia hair dye. It’s still in the Purple family, so I dyed it. It wasn’t until 12 years ago when I settled down in NYC, after constant touring, that I discovered Manic Manic hair dye!!! I started getting established in the blues world on Bleecker St. in the West Village, with my rocker purple hair and clothes. All my musician friends who played in the East Village wouldn’t cross over to the “other side”, but I did. I started singing at the Sunday nite jam at The Bitter End and one waitress, Simone, just started calling me Purple Pam. Everyone else did too. There would be my professinal clients I had from my Pet Service business that I have, who only knew my real name. Amazingly, they just started calling me Purple Pam on their own without knowing. Even homeless people on the street will call out to me, “Yo, Purple!”. I adopted the name because it is easy to be identified. It baffles me when artists use their names, especially when you can’t fucking pronounce them, let alone remember who the fuck they are. At least you can remember me as “the purple chick”. As far as your Crayola question, yes, I do have them to thank. I never thought about that, but I guess I do. In first grade, we got a list of supplies for our parents to buy which consisted of: a cardboard schoolbox, the size of a wooden cigar box, paste, not glue, scissors with flat tips, and a box of fat Crayola, 8 count box of crayons, but one side of the fat crayon was flat. I have yet to see those sinse. When I first opened the box, the purple one made my undies wet. Then I got my Crayola box of 48, then 64! Oh my God!!! All those purples. That’s when I discovered the fucshias and hot pinks, etc. So…there you go. Thank-you Crayola! Does Mr. Crayola have a single son? Hmmm.

Rob- Where did you grow up?

Pam- Originaly in New Jersey, but my dad was in the Navy, so he had a choice of being stationed in San Diago or Norfolk, Va., which is the largest Military base in the world, and he picked Va. because it was closer and only an 8 hour drive to Jersey, which I spent more time in, as well as traveling. I’ve been living in NY for 13 years now, so I consider myself a New Yorker-not a Jersey girl anymore. The rule is, if you live in one place constantly for 10 years straight, then that’s where you are from. That’s what my mommy told me, even though she’s from Brooklyn from birth till she was 20. She denies she’s from there because she hasn’t been there since then. I like that rule. It makes sense, don’t ya think?

Rob- According to you, your parents were not big music fans. How did they react to your interest in music at an early age, as I’m sure you were belting out screams even back then??

Pam- Funny you should assume I was belting out screams back then. Oh, fuck! How on the money are you? You hit the nail on the head, honey! I was the youngest and the only girl, so when my brothers and I were watching T.V. or playing games together, they would eventually fuck with me and I would scream at the top of my lungs, “MOM, MOOM, MOOOM, MOOOOM, OW, OOOOOWWWW, AAHHHHHHHHH!” Of course she would run in and yell at my brothers to leave me alone, and God forbid my Dad being home and hearing that. He would come in the room and take off his belt and spank the fuck out of them. Sometimes when I was mad at my brothers, I would invite my brothers into my room to watch T.V. and I would just scream like that just so my dad would come in and repeat the belt spanking. Ha-ha! My Dad would later describe a scream like that as, “What is wrong with you? You’re screaming like a raped-ape.” To this day, I still fucking laugh at that expression as well as use it. I’ve never heard anyone else ever use it. I guess I own it! As far as how my parents reacted to my career choice, being that they hated popular music as teenagers and only listened to Italian music, they were very supportive of their only daughter for some reason. My brothers went to Catholic school with no choice, but I was given the choice of Catholic or Public schooling. At 6 years old, I remember thinking how I’m the only girl, was given a choice and my brothers didn’t. Then I remember thinking, “Well what the fuck is Public school?” O.K., I didn’t say fuck, but I knew I didn’t want Catholic school with mean nuns, so I picked Public. Obviously, I made the right choice. My dad was more strict with my brothers than me. When I started singing in my room with the stereo as loud as I could get it to sing over it, both my parents complained, and more so with my brothers. Underneath the door, you can see the shadows of feet, and/or the light in the hallway. When I saw either of those, I knew to shut it off. One day, I was singing to Stevie Nicks, and God, I was singing good! I saw my mom footsteps, she banged on the door, but I was on such a high that I kept on singing loud as fuck. I noticed her feet shadow still under the door and expected her to bang on the door again. She never did, but stayed there to the end of the song and walked away. She never banged on my door again. My parents actually came to my first professional gig. I had a below the knee pleather skirt that I cut into a mini skirt and sewed a hem by hand. My parents stayed for only the first set, understandably so, and on the break, they told me how good I was and then my dad joked and said, “What happened to the rest of your skirt?” I got it,and they excused themselves politely, explaining that they wanted to stay but it was too loud for them. I understood because I knew it was too much for them and loud. Zeppelin, Motorhead, etc. Heavy fuckin’ metal!

Rob- Who was the first band or singer that inspired you to pursue music?

Pam- When I first heard music, I knew I wanted to sing. In third grade, a classmate of mine named Frances Love, gave me a 45 of “Venus” by The Shocking Blue, and the B-side was, “Hot Sand”. That woman’s voice was so rock n’ roll, but I never heard it on the radio, ever! It wasn’t until I heard “Heart’s Magic Man, I knew I wanted to sing heavy metal. When I heard that beginning riff, then heard a woman’s voice with it, I put it on the stereo in the living room, which my mom had just won from Bingo, and was able to crank it up, whereas you cant do that on a plastic turntable, and my voice automatically kept up with the volumne level. That’s when I had that magical moment that it was my calling. I taught myself and opera as well.

Rob- OK, let’sget right to it, because I know I will get nothing short of an honest answer from you. What are the feelings of the slowly fizzling (thank God) teeny bopper crap? Britney, Christina, Avril. Justin, etc. Isn’t it about time companies to focus their efforts on talent rather than assembly line bubblegum?

Pam- Oh God, don’t get me started! Unfortunately, this teeny bopper bubblegum shit is NOT fizzling. I thought it would have by now, and I see no signs of it going away. The only good thing about it is that 4 years ago, I wrote a brutal song called, “Poptart overkill” and I was afraid that the song would come out too late, but I guess I don’t have to worry about that now. It stemed from the Village Voice add for “Female Singers”. I’ve seen many of the same since 1998, seeking young females, no older than 18 or 21, must have model looks, ample breasts, must know how to dance and move well, singing a plus but not nesessary. It was only recently that they would state “all ethnic females” opposed to, “Black or Latina Females”. I guess all those phonecalls I made to those voicemails, yelling that they were racist mother fuckers, paid off after all! What really pisses me off is that people over 25 who can really sing and play instruments aren’t who get signed or promoted. You don’t need talent at all to be a “pop star”. Just plastic surgery, blonde hair, and show your stomache. Same arobic/stripper moves they have a nerve to call “dancing”, which all these blonde clones and Backdoor Boy bands, watched the same do-it at -home video tape, for a mere 19.95, available to anyone. One dyes her hair brown and everyone follows. Brunette girl on piano, then more of them manufacgtured and sold. Young child girl with acoustic guitar, who whines that’s she’s NOT pop, but rock n’ roll, and can’t sing live. “Sorry to break it to ya honey, but you are no where near rock or punk, so shut it and listen to your corporate masters!” The only way I can tell Britney apart is that she does’nt have a top lip, so you tell me how good of a blow job can she give? She squeaks out in a baby voice that sounds like she’s gagging on a cock. Her last tour was canceled and the record company lost millions because she hurt her knee. Her KNEE, not her neck! If Britney could really sing and had talent in the neck area, sit your stupid ass in a fucking chair and go on with the show. That’s what I would do and have done when I broke my arm a couple of years ago. Helloooo stupid people! Am I the only one who questions Britney’s scam? Poor baby. She can’t dance now, so how could she possibly continue her concerts as a singer. Oh don’t let me forget the constant yodeling and complete Mariah Carey musical scale on each word. Every kid sounds exactly a like. You can’t even tell the black one from the white ones. I was the only female in my Jr. and High School that wanted to be a rock star. That’s because back in the day, only a few people like myself, realized they had that special, God given talent, that only a few of us had. Being that it’s only about looking like a glorified stripper and dancing, a tit jobs for graduation. Everyone and their fuckin’ mother think they have what it takes. Adolesents, like 98 percent of school students want to be a singer or rapper, but instead of honing their craft of using their vocal chords, they learn to dance and work on their slutty images. Dancers do not belong in rock n’ roll. Want to sing and dance? Do FUCKING BROADWAY! At least broadway stars can actually sing!

Rob- What are your feelings on the recent Saturday Night Live episode where Jessica Jr. pulled a Milli Vanilli?

Pam- Like I was just saying. Broadway stars act and sing live! These no barely singing, no dancing tarts complain about the dance routines are too demanding to actually sing. Well Broadway stars can do it. Miss Vanilli had no right being on SNL that early in her career. I never even heard of her or knew who she was and she’s another on saying she’s rock and not pop. If she’s rock, then she should be able to sing live. Lip syncing was never a thought or an option to me ever-not even now. If I had a throat problem or had no voice at all, I’d cancel. It’s funny that she had a voice the very next day. A reporter on a talk radio station grilled G.E. Smith, the band leader from SNL, from 85-95 the next day. I had already explained to many of my friends about this and they, along with SNL producers, explained that lipsyncing is common for their show. “NOOOOO! That’s why it’s called Saturday Night LIVE!!!! I couldn’t wait to hear what he had to say after being asked what he thought about it. He did in fact mention that the show’s musicians ALWAYS played live, but he o.k’d it by sucking up, that, that’s the way it is these days and everyone lip syncs. When the woman mentioned that it was a live show and she should’ve sang live, he continued to say that he can’t blame these young singers today because the demands of being a star, like rehearsing dances, and working on their outfits, spa appointments to look good, etc., that by the time they have to sing nite after nite, it takes a lot out of them to be a performer. What a stupid fuck! Maybe he’s getting paid to kiss ass. Isn’t being a performer about performing live? That’s why only a few people are blessed to be able to handle performing and meeting the demands of a live, rock n’ roll lifestyle. Understand what I mean now when I say that everyone wants to be a star and actually thinks they can?

Rob- Do you think that they think we are too stupid to realize that they are not actually singing?

Pam- Yes, at first, untill they get busted, but we (not me, though) are the stupid ones, now. The cat’s all out of the bag, but yet we dismiss the fact and continue to get brainwashed into thinking they are amazing singers, anyway. What pissed me off about this whole Hillary Simpson thing or whatever her fucking name is that I thought that finally that bust would end this fake illusion once and for all. That’s why I was shocked that everyone o.k’d it, including a former SNL band leader. The public actually believed her when she came up with that cock and lame excuse of acid reflux, or whatever. People are stupid! I’m only gonna get more pissed the more I think about it. Next question!

Rob- Back to your music.Tell us what’s ahead. You have a new CD coming out soon, right?

Pam- As always, I’m ahead of everyone else. I’m such an intense performer that I perform my songs live for a long time before recording,(ooooh, what a concept, singing live), that when I finally make a CD, my friends and fans complain that the energy is lost in translation. I understand what they mean. They just don’t see me or pay attention, so I had an idea. Do a video so they can hear the song and match a picture to it. The song, “Kick In The Head” was written 5 years ago. It was hard core music with singing and what I call “punk-bitchin'”. Most of my friends heard it and in a snotty, whiney voice, they complained that it didn’t show off my voice, the music is too hard, I’m rapping, etc. Three years later, I decide to make a video for it and also make one with no scensorship, and voila! Just what I thought. When shown the video to these same people, the story changed. Comments like, “Wow, what a great song. it’s got a great beat, it’s so universal..”, etc. Each one claimed that they had never heard the song before, but I quickly reminded them of what lying sacks of shit they were….so I think you get my point. These days, people download songs and I can’t even give mine away, let alone sell my CD’s. So to answer your question…”No CD coming out anytime. A DVD, yes!! Song, video, song, video, song, video, and so on. I have two more videos in production right now for early filming early next year. So 3 songs with videos and making of each video as well, along with clips of Troma and other Independent blood flicks I’ve been in. That’s what I’ll be releasing. It’s much more and better than a boring ole CD. A complete documentation of a “real” musician and artist.

Rob- While reading your web-jounal, I noticed that you threw a challenge out to anyone who thinks they can out sing you. Who would be your ideal candidate for that throwdown?

Pam- I think you took that in the wrong context. What I implied was that I would challenge anyone to sing “LIVE”. I don’t think I can sing better, but I can do anything live that I record, and usually better. Oh, let me add that I’ll challenge any one of these pre-fab, artificial, lip syncing hussies, to a live sing-off with no microphone or even vocal warm ups! How’s that?

Rob- You and I have something in common. Anyone who knows me knows that I love horror films. As far as the mainstream flix go, I’d say my top 3 are Psycho, Texas Chainsaw and Halloween. What are some of your favorites?

Pam- Well, those are mine too, as far as scary. I also love the gorey ones too. As far as scary goes, I would have to add “The Haunting” to the list. There are a a couple of them, but I mean the one in the 70’s. I thought I had seen them all, but it was only 2 years ago. I was even scared to go to sleep that night. I was spending Christmas at my mom’s house and I had to sleep in the livingroom with the tree lights on.

Rob- Do you feel horror film making has lost it’s way today with all the teen humor, wink, wink, ha, ha, pop soundtrack and the rapper DuJour playing the WHAZZUP roles? Or is it thatwe are just spoiled from growing up with all those low budget gore/fright films back in the day?

Pam- Not really. Now with continuing technology, special effects make the film, but the bad acting and crappy story lines don’t match. Troma is the only independent movie company that still make those wonderful B-film cult classics. God bless ’em! The best part is that a low budget film can be made with household items for special effects, for just pennies, opposed to spending millions. In my video, the head crushing scene which I learned from Troma, turned out to look more realistic than I intended. Point proven!

Rob- I also read that you would be up for playing an extra in horror films. If a director were reading this interview right now, what would you say to convince them to cast you?

Pam- I was already in two Troma films, “Tromeo and Juliet”, where I even had a speaking part and the other was, “Citizen Toxie: The Toxic Avenger Pt. 4”. I had a role as one of the “Diaper Mafia” as well as two of my songs, “Laying On Your Grave” and “Too Long”, featured in the film. Other bloody Independent films I was in were, “P.D.A. Massacre” , where I got my uterus ripped out of me and my first lead female role as a crack addict in, “Green Blood Black Snow”. That film is still being edited as we speak. I will be announcing the release on my site, of course. I’m still available for being bloodied. I am not an actress, but I like the physical acting. I’m not good at dialogue-just screaming at stunts. The physical thing is much harder, but more pleasurable for me.

Rob- What is your advise to young musicians?

Pam- Don’t sell your souls because there is no guarantee that you won’t get ripped off.

Rob- Did you enjoy our interview?

Pam- Yes!!!! It’s the best group of questions I’ve seen in one single interview in a very long time! You’re good!

Rob- Any final words to the readers before we wrap up?

Pam- Stay Independent and do whatever is in your heart, even if others say otherwise. No one knows you better than you. That will keep you a happy person and your creativity and freedom will be worth more than controlled fame and unhappiness! Oh yeah, visit Purplepam.com.
Thanks Rob! Nice chatting with ya!

Rob- You too Pam, Great interview. Good Luck!!


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