DJ Melissa Maxx of KLOS Interview


*the following interview was originally published in January of 2005 by Ocean View Press and was conducted by Rob Watts.
Spotlight Interview
January 2005
DJ Melissa
by Rob Watts

We are starting the new year off right with a great interview with one of Boston’s beloved. It’s no secret that we are down with a lot of radio stations in the Boston area and one of our favorites is WBCN (104.1). A lot of history indeed and home to many talented DJ’s including one of the coolest female personalities in the city, Melissa. Melissa spent a good part of 8 years on the air in Boston until last month when she couragously packed up and moved to the sunny coast of California to pursue other career avenues. With this interview, we wish Melissa the best of luck and send her off with these final words. We hope to never see you again…(in a good way of course), but if we do, you’ll always be welcome by your friends and fans in Boston.
*2013 Update- Melissa currently is a full-time DJ at Los Angeles’ KLOS. She has recently appeared on various television programs including a high-profile segment on TLC’s LA Ink.

Rob- Before we begin, How are you today?

Melissa- I’m great! Its December 22, and a sunny 70 degrees, what more could I ask for?

Rob- Have you fully relocated to the West coast yet or are you still in the process?

Melissa-I’m here. It took about a month to get fully settled in, but now the cat, my shoe collection, and I am completely comfortable ….well, maybe not the WHOLE shoe collection.

Rob- Can you talk about your new career move? What is it that you’ll be doing now or in the near future?

Melissa- Auditioning and waitressing. Not necessarily in that order. Probably waitressing and auditioning.

Rob- How difficult was it to up and relocate to not only a new job, but to a new coast?

Melissa- I think if I was relocating to a new job, it would have been a lot easier! Its relocating to the world of unemployment which is a bit unsettling. Actually, I was getting too comfortable in Boston…it was time to mix things up a bit, and while my new adventure is a bit scary, its also very exciting.

Rob- Where did you grow up and did you ever think about being on the radio when you were younger?

Melissa- I grew up on Long Island and started volunteering at radio stations when I was in junior high school, I can’t remember a time when I DIDN’T think about being on the radio…

Rob- What was the first concert you went to?

Melissa- Bruce Springsteen in New Jersey, my big brother took me.

Rob- So now, you were on the air at WBCN for almost 9 years if I remember correctly. Is there one air shift that stands out in your mind in regards to being really funny, sad, frustrating, etc…?

Melissa- I think the shift I will always remember was being on the air September 11. I was on the air with Deek (for the first time) and another DJ named Mark. We were on the air from 7pm- roughly 5 am, music free and commercial free. We were flying by the seat of our pants having never done talk radio before, and obviously discussing a tragedy of a magnitude never experienced by my generation. We talked to each other and took listener phone calls the whole night, and tried to comprehend the uncomprehendable. There was nowhere I would rather have been that night. The listeners helped me cope, and gave me faith in people at a time when all of our faith was shaken.

Rob- How did the pairing of you and Deek come about?

Melissa- Our first pairing came about as mentioned in the previous question. We also had back to back shifts and used to do a “cross-over” on air before switching shifts. Someone thought that our chemistry during that 60 seconds at a time, might be stretched for 5 hours a night 5 days a week. Whether they were right or not is still debatable! He however was one of my best friends, and I was truly blessed to get to work with a guy of his character with his sense of humor.

Rob- The two of you were a great pairing not only on radio but on weekend mornings hosting the “I sold my” show on television. Have you caught the on-camera bug from doing those shows and be honest, how much silverware did the two of you leave with while in those homes?

Melissa- We eat with our hands, so silverware wasn’t tempting…I’m just thankful you didn’t ask about jewelry!! I love being on camera, and had done music news for Rage TV in Boston for many years, and also did artist interviews for pay-per-view from Woodstock 99, as well as some acting….I have the bug, and it was a big part of me moving to LA.

Rob- WBCN has always had a knack for hiring the best on-air personalities in Boston. Do you think that this is an important part of staying fresh and innovative?

Melissa- Fresh and innovative? What’s that?

Rob- With the increasing popularity of satellite radio and Howard Stern moving to Sirius next year, there are a lot of doubts on traditional broadcast radio’s survival. What do you think of all the recent hype surrounding Stern’s move and do you think that standard radio will survive this?

Melissa- Well that certainly is the question….the next few years will be interesting as more and more people start getting satellite radio. Howards move will most definately speed up that transformation. There was a time when people couldn’t fathom paying for cable TV, now people get that hooked up before the stuff in their kitchen ..or is that just me?

Rob- Being in radio, you have seen music trends come and go. What are some of the bands out now on the radio that seem to have something special that will give them some staying power?

Melissa- I don’t really have an answer to that, a lot of the new music I’m into is really a recycling of that older “rock” sound…I can’t say that theres a whole lot of really new different stuff being played on mainstream radio right now.

Rob- I know that most Disk Jockeys always have rare and obscure albums in their collections at home. Imports and such. Do you fall into this category and if so, what are some of the bands that you’re into?

Melissa- Does Abbas greatest hits count?…

Rob- If it were up to you, what would be your ideal lineup for a new season of the Surreal Life? We’ve already suggested Snow and Jesse Camp, so those two don’t count.

Melissa- I actually think they should just place a camera crew in a radio station….the drama, tension, antics, would be much more entertaining and surreal than any group of b-level actors ,although it probably wouldn’t be as visually pleasing.

Rob- Have you come up with any new fashion faux pas since being in California?

Melissa- No, my breast implants…new lips and blonde hair seem to be fitting in nicely….

Rob- I used to listen to ATD in Marshfield way back when. Is it true that you were “Siobhan”?

Melissa- I’m sorry…I think my cell phone seems to be cutting out.

Rob– Can you hear me now? Good! Do you have advise for anyone looking to get into radio?


Rob- Did you enjoy the interview?

Melissa- almost as much as going to the dentist… just kidding NOTHING tops the dentist…

Rob- Ha. Ha. Before we wrap this up, do you have any final words to the readers?

Melissa- Goodbye Boston, I love and miss you…..and next time you see a womans hands holding something on TV… that’s ME!!! it could be for all you know.



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