J.D. Harmeyer from The Howard Stern Show


*The following interview was originally published in December of 2005 by Ocean View Press and was conducted by contributor Tabitha Swan.

Tabitha- Where did you grow up?

J.D.- I grew up in Fairborn, OH until i was about 12, then moved to Lakeland, FL.

Tabitha- What college did you attend and what was your major?

J.D.- I attended a sort of tech school called Full Sail in Winter Park. Got an associate’s degree in Film/Video Production.

Tabitha- How did you land the job on the Stern show?

J.D.- I was an intern. The TIVO job was an internship position. The person that was doing it got let go or something, and i asked to do it. And I guess I
did such a good job that they decided to make that a full time position and hired me on to do it. I owe everything since to Annemarie, Gary, and Howard.

Tabitha- Did you ever have aspirations of being on or working in radio while growing up?

J.D.- No aspirations whatsoever.

Tabitha- I know you want to direct film someday. Who are some of your favorite directors today?

J.D.- I have a lot of favorite filmmakers. Oliver Stone, Quentin Tarantino, Paul Thomas Anderson, David Fincher, David Mamet, I know I’m forgetting a lot of names. Those are a small sample of the filmmakers I’m into. Kubrick is, or was a god. I’ll give a shout out to my boy Richard Christy, director of “Supertwink”.

Tabitha- Please rate the following films on a scale of 1-10.

J.D.- American Psycho – 7

Very Bad Things – Never seen it

Pulp Fiction – 10

Bio Dome – 2

Ray – 8

i Robot – 6

Clockwork Orange – 20

The wedding crashers – Haven’t seen it yet, but want to.

The wedding planner – Never Seen It

Slacker – the richard linklater movie? I need to see it again before I give it a rating

Tabitha- Speaking of film, What’s the deal with “Super Twink’? –

J.D.-We’re done filming. Christy is editing it. I don’t want to set any timetables but, I think it will be ready in January

Tabitha- Who are some of your favorite bands right now? This is a chance to promote some possibly underrated acts.

J.D.-Slipknot, Soulfly, death from above 1979, there’s more but i can’t think of them right now

Tabitha- Talk about what you actually do on the Stern Show. Give us a brief rundown of your duties.

J.D.-I mainly watch tv. Pull clips from tv shows of a celebrity saying something stupid or something interesting that they can talk about, or just something purely funny.
I do other stuff here and there, like editing things and just little things.I try and help out with the show in any way I can, within reason of course.

Tabitha- In your opinion, what is the biggest problem with commercial radio today?

J.D.-The playlists, they’re always the same songs over and over and over.

Tabitha- Here is your chance to promote the hell out of Sirius radio. What do you think the future holds for satelite?

J.D.-I have no idea. but that’s what’s great. nothing is set. no limits. i’m just happy to be along for the ride.

Tabitha- Do you own Sirius yet?

J.D.-Yes, Howard got us all one last christmas.

Tabitha- What are your feelings on David Lee Roth taking over the morning show on the east coast?

J.D.-Good for him.

Tabitha- Back to movies. Do you have a problem with remakes of films and if so, which ones have been the absolute worse?

J.D.-I don’t have any problems with remakes. The worse remakes? hmmm….I can’t think of anything specific. I mean, there are some, i’m just brain dead right now.

Tabitha- Are you working on a script right now? If so, talk about it.

J.D.-I’m more of a thinker then a doer. I’m always thinking of ideas and stuff. But the actual physical process of writing kills me. and of course I’m afraid of failure so….yeah. I NEED to write though…..one of these days.

Tabitha- Are you single?

J.D.-I am single

Tabitha- What do you look for in a woman?

J.D.-Nice eyes, genuine sweet personality, a pulse. the usual.

Tabitha- What’s the name of the place you are going to in January again?

J.D.-SIRIUS Satellite Radio.

Tabitha- Lastly, give a parting statement to the reader if you would.

J.D.-Come with us. Join the Revolution. SIRIUS Satellite Radio.


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