Linda Lopez 2006 Interview


Originally published by Ocean View Press in April, 2006
Linda Lopez
Interviewed by Rob Watts

Hot off the presses, it’s “A New Beginning” by Linda Lopez. Linda was kind enough to chat with me again about her long awaited debut album, her touring plans and what we can plan on seeing from her in the future. It’s always great to talk with Linda, as she gave us yet again, another gem of an interview. Check out her new music on her website and you can purchase her new CD at CD Baby.

Rob- So Linda, how are you doing?

Linda- I’m doing really well, thanks for asking. How are you doing?

Rob- I am doing great thanks. So congratulations on your debut album. You must be so happy that it’s finally out there.

Linda- I’m definitely happy that it’s finally out and that people can finally purchase it.

Rob- It’s been a long time coming. So a lot has happened since the last time we’ve done this. One of the biggest things is that your CD is now available. Talk about how you felt the week
before it was released. Were you relieved, stressed, anxious, etc.?

Linda- Actually, I don’t think I had the time to really feel anything before it was released ha-ha. Since I’m doing everything on my own with my business partner, there is always one thing after another to attack. I felt excited when people were buying it though, if that counts.

Rob- What led to you teaming up with your producer Chris Wesley?

Linda- Well I think Chris Wesley is an amazing person, but what he knows about music is what really made me want to work with him He’s not just some producer just wanting to make money off of you, but someone who connects with you on a deeper level and gives you the space to breathe and find out who you are as an artist. He tells it like it is and I think many people lack that. I needed someone who will tell me what works, what doesn’t, what I need to fix and what I’m doing great on. Like my lyrics and my voice. I also needed someone that was going to allow me to grow, and I wasn’t going to be rushed to record this album.

Rob- How long did it take you to record the album?

Linda- It took about 2 and a half years to write, record, mix and master the album. A long time yes, but I scratched different songs, wrote new ones, trashed those and kept writing. I wanted this album to represent where I am as an artist and where I am going.

Rob- Talk about the albums title, “A New Beginning.” I know it has personal meaning to you, but share it with the readers if you would.

Linda- “A New Beginning” is clearly A New Beginning. When you are letting go of the past and allowing yourself to set a new path for yourself. You know where you are going, but not what will happen along the way. It’s taking a stand for change, for your dreams to be a reality and not a fantasy. It also represents the healing of old wounds and healing them for once and moving on with life. For me A New Beginning is clearly that, I moved from suburbia to Hollywood, a culture shock, yes, but along with that came the freedom. The freedom to be your own person, to be able to follow your dreams without hesitation or doubts. Throughout the process of this album, I clearly did that, I found myself and I’m making my dreams come true. One step at a time, but hey at lease I took the first step and I have no regrets. This is what I hope A New Beginning represents.

Rob- You offer a hybrid of musical styles on the CD…….Rock, Flamenco, Classical, Trip-hop…even a little bit of rap/hip-hop stylings by Young Ace on “Just a Girl.” Was it a difficult task trying to blend all of these styles into your music or did it come easy to you?

Linda- No, it was’nt difficult to blend all these styles together. It was natural, but at the same time scary. For the reason that I had to open myself up vocally and not be the timid girl. I listen to all this type of music so to represent a little bit of each genre into my songs, into the album was and is amazing to me.

Rob- Speaking of Rap/Hip-Hop, last year you turned up on Shortyo’s “Death Notice” album on the Suicidal Thoughts track. How did that pairing come about?

Linda- Well Shortyo called and said hey I have this perfect song would you mind writing a hook for it, and of course I said yes. I mean how could I not? Then I wrote the hook with Chris Wesley. Recorded the hook at Cabin of Curiosities and sent it to him via email and that session was a wrap.

Rob- What are you listening to these days?

Linda- I’m listening to Nada Surf, Cat Power, The Cranberries, U2, Death Cab, Shakira, lots of things. I change from day to day depending on my mood.

Rob- Wow, rock on with the Nada Surf! So on “A New Beginning”, you sing a Spanish version of Pink Eyelashes. Do you have plans to record an all Spanish language album in the future?

Linda- The next album will be in Spanish. I’m currently already writing the songs for that album and it will be interesting. That is all I’m going to say.

Rob- That’s awesome, I can’t wait to hear it when the time comes. So, do you have plans to tour behind THIS album?

Linda- I do have plans to tour behind this album. At the moment I’m getting my feet wet by doing acoustic shows of the songs in Los Angeles and Adjacent Cities so that people will know who I am and then plan a tour.

Rob- Are you still writing your poetry?

Linda- I’m always writing my poetry, I have notebooks full of poetry/lyrics. For my 20th Birthday I received two books to write in and I have to fill those up. I usually write on anything and everything.

Rob- Congrats by the way on 2 of your songs cracking the top 40 on Znet Radio.

Linda- Ahh thank you, I’m definitely excited about having two songs on Znet Radio, it has been amazing so far. Derek has been a great supporter and is also a dj for Znet Radio.

Rob- So what can we expect from you over the next few months? What’s up your sleeve so to speak?

Linda- I have many things up my sleeve. New re-designed website, more acoustic shows, electric shows, music video release party, show the world the music video and hopefully a tour. One step at a time and this will be done since I have a booking agent now. Meagan Jackson from Razorwire Music. Once I know more, I will let you know.

Rob- It all sounds very cool. Just promise not to forget me when you are a huge pop icon touring the world, ok.

Linda- Rob I don’t think I can forget you, I mean your name is in the thank you’s…. Enough said…

Rob- And I’ll never forget that.
Got any final words before we wrap this up?

Linda- I hope that you take the time to listen to “A New Beginning” and purchase the album. Thank you for taking the time to read the interview.

Rob- Well my friend, we will have to do this again very soon, just remember, I get first dibs on an interview before MTV Ok. Seriously though, the album is awesome and I know you will do very well with it. Here’s to a great year ahead and best of luck with everything you do.

Linda- I will definitely give you the first dibs; I gave you the first dibs on A New Beginning, when it was being recorded and after it was released. Thank you for your continuous support and for always believing in me. I definitely appreciate it from the depth of my heart, seriously… I would thank you every day, just like I do to everyone on my team.


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