Luke Caraccoli Interview

Originally Published in R&M Magazine in 2008. Conducted by Rob Watts

You may know Luke Caraccoli as the former front man of the rock band Adema, or perhaps you’ve seen him cranking out some fiery vocal stylings with his band Rewind Yesterday at the hottest clubs from Los Angeles to Bakersfield. I however caught up with Luke Caraccoli from The Death of Ignorance, which is Luke’s new musical venture. He had some great things to say so here we go.

RW- So the day after we set this up, Rewind Yesterday announced it was looking for a new vocalist. What happened?

LC- Well fist off, let me say that talent was never a problem in that band. I have so much respect for those guys as musicians. It just came down to creative differences, both musically and professionally.

RW- So now you have a new project called The Death of Ignorance. Do tell.

LC- Well, I’ve got nine songs written so far so it’s coming along well. The big thing about this new band is I can play guitar as well as vocals. I actually was a guitarist before I became a vocalist so this band allows me to do it all. It will have a Southern Rock and Metal sound to it.

RW- You served in the Marine’s for five years and you played for the troops in Iraq during your stint in Adema. Would you ever perform with the U.S.O. again if you had the chance?

LC- Absolutely. I can’t tell you how incredible it feels to be able to entertain those men and women serving over there. When you actually see for yourself just how terrible it is over there for them and what they go through, it’s a great feeling to know you are doing something positive for them. I had troops coming up to me saying that we made their year by playing music for them. It’s amazing and I would do it again in a second.

RW- Where else would you like to play live if you had a preference?

LC- The northwest, New York, New Jersey and New England. The fans are so incredible there. I love L.A. but because there is so much music going on, fans don’t turn out as much as they do in Boston or New York.

RW- Who’s music are you a fan of these days?

LC- Rise Against, Radiohead and especially 30 Seconds to Mars. I was into them when they were nobody’s and they kicked ass on stage.

RW- Before we wrap up. What message do you have for music fans?

LC- Get out there and discover new local music. Don’t wait for the record company’s to push the next new thing down your throat. Get out to clubs, get on MySpace and find some great music and support your favorite bands by buying their CD’s.


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