Mugison 2005 Interview


Originally published by Ocean View Press in 2005

Photos by Runa

Spotlight Interview
December 2005
by Rob Watts

Rob- What have you been working on these days?
Mugison- I´ve been doing a lot of gig´s all over the place, now I´m getting to know my girlfriend again, trying to do some new music, generally trying to be Santa Claus

Rob- How long have you been performing music?
Mugison- I´ve been doing this for 3 years now. Very lucky, very privileged.

Rob- Who are some of your musical influences?
Mugison- Ahh….., so many. There is so much good music in the world, I´ve been listening a lot to Icelandic music because it´s the holidays and a lot of new music is released over the holidays over here. I´ve been listening a lot to Gillian Welch, Will Oldham, Fantomas, Willy Mason, the Black Keys, Jimmy Hendrix, Zeppelin, Sigur Ros, Borgdan Rasinzky.. I could go on for days.

Rob- I discovered you and your music while travelling through Iceland and shopping in 12 Tonar. Can you tell the reader a little bit about that label/store as well as your relationship with them.
Mugison- They have this very nice shop downtown in Reykjavik, I´ve been going in there for years. I used to bring them my music and they´d sell it and ask for more, eventually they decided they might as well make me a deal and try to make some money, so now their also a label in Iceland and now becoming the biggest one. Everybody can get really good coffee there for free and surf the internet and listen to music, I used to just hang around there for days.

Rob- What a lot of people may not know is that in Iceland, you handcrafted your debut CD. I am looking at my copy right now as a matter of fact. Why did you decide to release your CD this way?
Mugison- Since I wrote most of the music on there, played all the instruments…. did all the work on my own, I figured I´d go all the way and hand-make 10.000 copies. It took me 2 months to make it. I am very proud of it.

Rob- How long did it take to record that first album?
Mugison- 3-4 months in London.

Rob- Are you a self taught musician or were you formerly trained?
Mugison- I´m self taught as a musician but I´ve got a degree in Recording Engineering.

Rob- Your most recent album, “Mugimama” has gone on to critical acclaim in Iceland. I’m sure words can’t describe the feeling you get regarding the albums success, but humor us anyway if you could.
Mugison- Well it´s all good luck, you know, I´m very grateful for my success in Iceland. I love the country and it´s people very much.

Rob- Last month “Mugimama” was released in America via Ipecac Records. How did you get involved with Ipecac?
Mugison- A girl gave her brother my CD as a Christmas present and that guy happened to be working with Mike Patton. This guy is called Husky and is a mixing engeneer in LA. They were taking a break and put my stuff on and the next morning Mike sent me an e-mail.

Rob- For those who don’t know, Ipecac is owned by Former Faith No More frontman Mike Patton. Mike Patton has recorded with fellow Icelandic musician Bjork. Would you ever work with Patton in the future if the opportunity presented itself?
Mugison- Working with Mike would be a dream come true! I´m a huge fan, although I´ve tried to hide it when I´ve meet him, just so I won’t make him scared. Hopefully there will be a mic turned on somewhere sometime and both of us are in the room, sometime in the future.

Rob- This has been very exciting for me to finally interview you. I wish you the best of luck with your music and hope to see you here in Boston or even back in Iceland someday. Takk.
Mugison- Takk to you too Rob, thanks for bothering, I appreciate it. lotta love to everyone in Boston.
Courtesy of Mugison

Photo by Runa



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