Rewind Yesterday Interview


This interview was originally published in 2005 by Ocean View Press.
Spotlight Interview
December 2005
Rewind Yesterday

by Rob Watts

Merry Christmas everyone. I caught up with Luke Caraccioli from the Bakersfield based band Rewind Yesterday. You may remember his from the band Adema, but Luke is onto bigger and better things these days with this hard rocking kick ass band. He is lead vocalist for the band, and shares the stage with Andrew Krause on guitar, Christmas Colazzo on Drums, Jeff Suburu on guitar and Kevin Aleman on bass. Luke talked with me about the band and here is what he had to say.

Rob- Before we start, how are you today?

Luke- I’m good

Rob- Can you introduce yourself to the reader and tell us what instrument you play?

Luke- I’m Luke and I am the singer and sometimes I play guitar as well.

Rob- When did Rewind Yesterday form?

Luke- Nov-Dec time frame in 2003.

Rob- What bands did you play in prior to Rewind?

Luke- I was in a local San Diego band that went through many different member changes and phases and ultimately broke up, called Centerfuge.

Rob- So tell me who your biggest musical influence was growing up.

Luke- Led Zepplin

Rob- What age did you start singing?

Luke- I started singing at age 4 I think, and I started playing guitar at 16.

Rob- When was your first live show together as a band?

Luke- It was in April, or May 2004 in a San Diego bar that was close to sold out and it was F’n Bad ass for our first show.

Rob- Did that show go smoothly, or was it a trainwreck? I ask this, because it seems many bands need a few shows to work out the kinks before they start playing well together.

Luke- Well, we practiced a lot, so it was definately not a complete train wreck, but we were extremely drunk, and it did have some kinks, but we still did good I think.

Rob- So After You left Adema, you guys have picked right back up, and from what I hear, have been playing like a band posessed. What is your schedule now as far as rehearsal, writing, playing live, etc..Take us through a trypical day in the band.

Luke- Well, we never really broke up in my mind, we just took a break, Andrew, Jeff, and I got together many times while I was home from touring with Adema and wrote and worked on songs. We practice as much as we can, sometimes this is just some of us working on specific things when not all members can be present, and sometimes it is all of us and a full band practice. We are writing and arranging new songs, and trying to decide on three to record, well one of them is already decided, so two more, and that should be sometime later this month. we promote on myspace a lot, that is a great way to get a large fan base and get people all over the world to hear what you are about and communicate with fans all over the world.

Rob- The songs “Emotions Out” and “First Steps” are amazing by the way. How long until we see a full length album from you guys?

Luke- We have some interest currently for the “business” but no firm offers as of yet, we are shopping our songs and sending press packs to those that have asked, and we will see what happens, if we do not get a deal, it is very possible that we will just do it ourselves and sell it through the net. We are wide open for options, we just love making music and believe in our band so much, it would be impossible to give up on this project.

Rob- What is the biggest challenge in getting your music out to the masses?

Luke- The fact that record labels have ALL the power to make that decision for the masses, and unfortunately these days to be on the radio you have to have a major amount of budget, hire the right people to work radio, and not all bands get a fair shot anymore, DJ’s at radio do not ever choose what they play anymore, they are told, so, it is all coporate.

Rob- What are your feelings on Satelite radio and do you feel that commercial radio is on it’s way out soon?

Luke- I do not know enough about satelite radio, but I think that if they are giving the DJ, and the fans back the right to choose what gets popular in this day and time, that is something special. Commercial radio most likely is on the way out anyway, there are very few stations that play good music, they play all these bands that sound the same and it is all cause some guy with a tie sees a sound scan that the band that came out with that same sounding single two months before that sold a lot of records, so he has put the right amount of money into his new band with the same sound to get them on the air.

Rob- Recently, the band Audioslave peformed live in Cuba, becoming the first American band to play there. Where would each of you say your ideal place to play live at someday would be?

Luke- I personally would like to go back to Iraq and play for the troops again, they never get any relief from work, and they are gone from America, and their families so long, they deserve good rock shows!

Rob- What’s the music scene like in Bakersfield these days?

Luke- There are a lot of talented bands there, diverse too. We are friends with a lot of the bands there, and there is definately a handful of bands that have the potential to get somewhere if they are just given the chance.

Rob- When I make my way out to Bakersfield, where is the best club to see a live show?

Luke- I guess you could go to the Dome, or Mongomery World Plaza, but That would be the only issue I have with the Bako rock scene, they do not have a venue that REALLY sounds good, if you play in Hollywood, they have soooo many GOOD sounding rooms, that is what Bako needs, a Whisky, or a Roxy sounding room.

Rob- And, don’t worry, I know when you get to playing Boston one of these days, that you won’t forget me…..ehh emm, special treatment, cough cough! haha.

Luke- Of Course, I love Boston, they got the best sea food there! We hope to be there soon!

Rob- So did you enjoy our interview?

Luke- Of course!

Rob- Would you like to say anything else to the reader before we end this?

Luke- check out our official web site at ——- THANKS!

Rob- Guys! Pleasure! I wish you all the best of luck and can’t wait to hear more from you soon. Now go forth and ROCK!!

Luke- Thanks a lot, we appreciate it! Take care and we will see ya in Boston!


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