Soma Addict Interview

*The following Interview was originally published in 2005 by Ocean View Press and was conducted by Rob Watts.
Soma Addict Interview
November, 2005
From Montreal, Canada
Sebastian- Bass Player

Rob- Before we begin, how are you doing?

Seb- Very well, how bout you?

Rob-I’m great thanks. To begin, why don’t you introduce yourself and tell us what instrument you play?

I’m Sebastian, the bass player in Soma Addict. The other guyz in the band are: Francis Fugere on drums and Julien Martre, vocalz and guitar

Rob- How long have you been playing music?

We’ve all been playing for more than 10 years individually.

Rob-Who were some of your musical influences growing up?

Metallica, Pantera, STP, Weezer and Nirvana among many others

Rob- So the band formed in Montreal, Canada. What is the music scene like these days up in your beautiful city?

Yeah it’s actually a great city!! It’s been blooming. A lot of great bands have come out of Mtl lately…But actually, we’re also from Quebec City… I moved there when I was 14 and Julien was born in Montreal but moved in QC at age 13…Francis is from Trois-Rivieres, witch is half way between Montreal and Quebec City…But I’ll spare you all the details!! To make a long story short, We all now live in Montreal because it’s a great city and it obviously offers more opportunities for us. Although we will never deny our roots and all the support we’ve got from QC. Especially the only rock station in the province of Quebec Choi FM.

Rob- LOL, I remember that station while driving through Quebec City. It was the only music we were familiar with. So what are some of the best clubs to see a live band in Montreal?

The sala rosa, the café campus and the metropolis witch is a bigger venue

Rob- So when did Soma Addict form and where did the band name come from?

Julien and I were playing in different bands and we’ve been friends for several years. We didn’t feel that good in our bands and we were hanging out all the time and writing songs together…so at some point, we decided to start a band together and now we feel extremely good about it. It’s the best thing that’s happened to me so far. The name comes from an epic novel called ‘’ A brave new world ‘’.

Rob-How long after the band formed did you play your first show live?

I would say a month… it was at The Swimming in Montreal… it was during Pop Montreal.

Rob-Was there a positive reception from the crowd at your first performance?

It was great, we were so stressed out. But everything went well…the problem was, we had nothing to sell at the moment. People were asking for CD’s and T-shirts and we had nothing!!! We learned our lessons since then. We also got great comments on being a strong three piece band…

Rob- When we talked before, you mentioned that Stacy Jones from American Hi-Fi heard your band and offered to help produce some demos. How was that experience?

It was cool…we hung out in LA for a month and we met a lot of great people…Okay, here’s an interesting one: we went at some party in the Hollywood Hills, it was at Veruca salt’s singer house (*Stacy used to be Veruca salt’s drummer) and at some point, Some guy showed up with a six pack of bud wearing a beach outfit…and Julian went like OH my god this is Tom Morello! Man this is like our idol! Anyways, so we ended up talking with him about Quebec’s political situation (*A lot of people in Quebec want to separate from the rest of Canada because of cultural issues…) and it was great! He said: you should call your 1st album FREE QUEBEC!! That was fun, We had a great time…

Rob- Any plans to work with Stacy in the future?

I’d love to. The thing is, American HI FI just signed a deal with Maverick records and released an album, so they’re very busy promoting it at the moment…but I’ve been talking to him on a regular basis and he cant wait to work with us again…We love that guy, he is great.

Rob-Describe the recording process of your new e.p. Do you guys get along in the studio or are there stories of creative differences already in the bands existence?

Julien and I are pretty mush on the same level as far as writing. I guess we basically have the same vision in a certain way… We’re very lucky to have Francis in our band because he is the best drummer we’ve seen so far…but yeah, we sometimes argue. Mostly about girls though!! lol

Rob-Earlier you mentioned that you were in search of a new guitarist. Want to put a call out here in the interview? What style of playing are you looking for and what type of personality attracts you?

Actually, as we’re speaking, we just found a guitarist…What’s funny is that, the guy ,Dominic, has been a good friend of ours for a while…here’s the story: we were in a bar in Montréal and Dominic Told Julien to come in his car and listen to a demo that he did…the thing is, we had no idea that Dom played guitar, We were like: Man I wish that guy could play in our band but he doesn’t play an instrument he only sings we thought…! So basically, as a result of this unbelievable lack of communication, we finally found out that he was a hell of a guitar player… we were like: Dude, Please join our band! And as a matter of fact, he was a fan of our stuff!!!!

Rob- When is the new e.p. coming out?

In three weeks

Rob- What’s the title of it?

Actually we haven’t decided yet… we still have a few days to figure it out… lol

Rob- Planning to tour the USA soon?

For sure!! We noticed that our sound applies more to people in the states…we’ve been amazed by the large amount of great comments and E-mails from people in the USA on our myspace page…We’re currently seeking a booking agent to help us out with it all…But whatever happens, we will be touring the states and Canada soon.

Rob-Anything that you’d like to say to the readers before we end this fun?

Humm…lets see…Listen to our stuff and tell us what you think. Oh yeah and also, thanks to all our fans.

Rob-Did you enjoy our interview?

Yeah! Actually you know what? This is our 1st interview and I had fun talking about our band!! Thanx a lot

Rob- You’re welcome. Best of luck to you guys. Hope to see you in my city very soon.


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