Ten Horror Films to Watch this Halloween (That Will Keep You in Fear of the Dark!)

It’s that time of year again. You can’t turn on your favorite television or movie channel without being inundated with horror movie marathon’s and fright fests. As most of the films offered up on commercial television are butchered to death due to language and “unsuitable” material, we thought it was only appropriate to offer our readers a top-ten list of our favorite chilling films, which you can seek out on your own at your own leisure. Some you have seen, some you might hate. Some may be new discoveries for you. Either way, we hope you enjoy our list of “afraid of the dark” themed films. Happy Halloween!

The Strangers (2008) For a recently-made thriller, this wasn’t bad. A story about a couple alone in the boyfriend’s family cabin, only to be harassed by a traveling family of terror bringers. Truly creepy and suspenseful. At least upon the first viewing.

The Boogyman (1980)A brother and sister, years later, return home to the scene of a family murder, only to be reminded of the terror they faced as children, when they look in the mirror. Somewhat of a John Carpenter’s Halloween knockoff, but we thought we’d let you decide if that’s truly the case.

The Hearse (1980) Your typical haunted house film from the 70s. The delivery is simple but the scares are startling. If you live alone, this film might stay with you for a few days after watching it.

Hell Night (1981) A Linda Blair Classic. Your basic college party setting, which turns into a nightmare for 4 college students pledging to be accepted by the fraternity and sorority. Erie and suspenseful.

Summer of Fear (1978) Another Linda Blair addition, which is about an estranged relative coming to live with the family, only to bring havoc and bad luck with them. Based on the Lois Duncan novel and directed by Wes Craven. With all those ingredients, how can you go wrong?

Alice, Sweet. Alice (1976) Brook Shields’ debut film. Set in Patterson, NJ, a little girl faces deadly consequences when a jealous party takes a disliking to her. Everyone suspects Alice, and given her behavior and bad attitude, they are justified. But could Alice be the victim of a set up, or was it her all along?

Salem’s Lot (1979) A beautifully creepy television mini-series written by Stephen King. Combining Vampires and haunted houses, this was an instant classic which never gets old.

The Fog (1980) A good old fashioned ghost story, played out in front of us on film. Set against the backdrop of a quiet seaside town, a group of ghostly pirates return home to reclaim what was once theirs.

Magic (1978) Way before Silence of the Lambs, Anthony Hopkins played a deranged nightclub performer, who, along with his dummy Fats, delivered a chilling film about a man so starved for stardom, he’d lost his mind while reaching for the stars.

Halloween (1978) What can be said that you haven’t heard already? After Hitchcock’s Psycho, this was the film that redefined the genre. Year after year, it just never gets old.

Visit IMDB for a full synopsis of films. Beware of Spoilers!!


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