The Pug Uglies Interview

The following interview was originally published by Ocean View Press in 2005 and was conducted by author Rob Watts.

Spotlight Interview
December 2005
The Pug Uglies
by Rob Watts

Hi again everyone. If you like punk, then I got punk. A few days ago I interviewed Tom from The Pug Uglies. The band formed in my hometown of Dorchester Massachusetts so I felt it was my duty to show a little hometown love and bring them to you. Check out the bands website at .

Rob- Before we get going, how are you doing today?

Tom- I’m O.k. still a little traumatized from the snow
storm last week but ok otherwise.

Rob- Can you introduce yourself to the reader and tell
us what instruments you play?

Tom, I play rhythm guitar

Rob- The band formed in 1997 in my hometown of
Dorchester Mass. Give us a little history as to how
this band came together.

Tom – Who doesn’t want to start a band.. We were all
interested in music and figured we’d give it a shot..
So far so good. But really we are
just big fans of music and it was something I always
wanted to do as well as the other guys so we went with

Rob- Who are some of your musical influences?

Tom- Rancid, Dropkick Murphys, Social Distortion, Sex
Pistols, Ramones, Street Dogs, The clash and many

Rob- Where was the first venue you played live as a band
for the first time?

Tom- Spotlights in Weymouth its actually pretty funny to
look back at it we were such stiffs..

Rob- In your opinion, where is the best venue to play
live in the Boston area?

Tom- Avalon is a great venue. The abbey lounge has come a
long way and they are really good us and a lot of
other bands.

Rob- Talk about your new CD ” Minimum Wage”. How long
did it take to record it?

Tom- It took us two different sessions both between two and
three days. We originally recorded eight songs for an
ep which we released on our own for a short time. In
the mean time Rebellion wanted to release a full
length from us. We went back in and did four songs to
add to the eight, we didn’t have enough time to
basically do an entire album which is why the eight
and four were released as one full length Minimum

Rob- Where was it recorded?

Tom- The Outpost in Stoughton,MA by Jim Siegle

Rob- Did you release this album on Vinyl as well?

Tom- A limited number were pressed on white vinyl I believe
at some point they will be available on

Rob- Tell the readers where they can Purchase your CD
or Vinyl?

Tom-, via our website
In MA they are available at select newbury comics or
try our labels website

Rob- Give your best description of Boston’s music scene
to those who live outside of Massachusetts.

Tom- I’d have to say its one of the best music scenes out
there, good old fashioned east coast punk rock and
roll.. There seems to never be a dull moment. On any
given night you can head to the abbey and catch a show
or one of the many other clubs in and out of the
Boston area.

Rob- You, along with bands like The Ducky Boys, Nowhere
USA, The Street Dogs, are putting Boston back on the
map as far as Punk is concerned.

Tom- Thanks.. I don’t know how much we have to do with that
but there are countless bands that are out there
promoting, bands like the unseen, Far From Finished on
endless tours representing the Boston Music scene all
around the world.

Rob- In your opinion, will punk remain underground or
do you think it has potential to hit mainstream
audiences once again like it did in the late 70’s/
early 80’s?

Tom- I feel like its going to stay were it is, the radio
stations are playing everything but. We’ll see it
would be nice for all of the hard working bands to get
a little help and recognition they deserve.

Rob- What does the Pug Uglies have in store for it’s
fans in the future? Any DVD’s, live CD’s, etc..
planned for the future?

Tom- New album in 2006 as well as trying to hit the west
coast and with any luck Europe.

Rob- Did you enjoy the interview?

Tom- I did, thanks for letting us take part.

Rob- Any final words for the reader before we wrap this

Tom- Thanks for all the support and/or critisizm.

Rob- Thanks for taking time to talk with us guys. Best
of luck with the band. Keep making Dorchester proud.

Tom- We’ll do our best…


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