Trigon Interview

*The following interview was originally published in 2005 by Ocean View Press and was conducted by Rob Watts.

Rob- How are you today?

Hietsu- I’m fine. Spring is here and it’s always nice when it gets warmer…

Rob- Can you tell us where you are from?

Hietsu- I’m from a Vasa which is in Finland, a small country thats squeezed in between Sweden and Russia…

Rob- What is the music scene like there?

Hietsu- In Finland the music scene is really bubbling. There are so many bands worth checking out that it’s impossible to start listing them here. And a few Finnish bands are getting some big attention abroad as well (HIM,
for instance). Some smartass has labeled the scene here as “ultracool”. I just think it’s really broad and fucking awesome for most parts.

Rob- Tell us about your band TRIGON. When was it formed and who started the band?

Hietsu- The basis of Trigon was formed sometime in the early 90’s when Juho and Tuomo started their first band together but Trigons year of birth would have to be 1998. And we all owe it to Juho.

Rob- What year did you join the band?

Hietsu- I joined the band in the spring of 2003 so we’re having our two year anniversary…

Rob- Did you bring a lot of songs with you to the band or was there a lot of material in progress by the time you joined?

Hietsu- There was a lot of material when I joined Trigon, these guys had been playing for five years prior to my arrival so there was a lot to choose from, not to mention Juhos seemingly endless flow of songs and riffs. I brougth with me some material that I never really got working with other bands I played with but with my newfound friends it all just came together… And Juho and I really hit it off writing songs together
right in the beginning and that kinda got the overall sound to start to

Rob- Can you tell us about the other members? what are their names and what do they play?

Hietsu- Well first of all there’s Juho who plays guitar (well!) and is the main songwriter/f?of the band. Then we have Tuomo, bass-wizard who use to sing main vocals before I joined. Tuomo does the back-up vocals these days. Staying in the rhytmsection, Jarkko can easily be located behind the drums, banging hard or drinking beer. Janne, who plays guitar, is always late but never the less a great guitarist. And all of these guys hail from Sein䪯ki.

Rob- So you guys are working on an album presently. Will it be available soon and how would you describe the sound?

Hietsu- The album is more likely going to be an EP and the release will be in the fall of 05′ at the latest. As far as the sound goes…. well… I really don’t have a fucking clue how to describe it. It’s rock music
with a grungy twist of lemon? I really don’t know. We just try to make
good music that we enjoy playing. But it’s rock. That’s for sure…

Rob- Do you plan on touring a lot behind the album?

Hietsu- Yup. As much as possible.

Rob- where would you say the best place is that you have played live so far in your career?

Hietsu- Phew… For me there are more than one to mention. The first gig with Trigon is one to remember. We played at a big festival with BIG headliners like Queens of the Stone Age and Audioslave (of course we played a smaller venue) and I was so fucking nervous I mentally shit myself. But when the first chord was played it was heaven. Other good gigs to mention would be all the shows we’ve played in Sein䪯ki and a few golden ones from our tour in 03′, especially Klubi in Tampere.

Rob- Did you play in other bands proir to TRIGON? If so, who were they?

Hietsu- I’ve played with a lot of bands before Trigon. Most recently with Geet and before that there was Pandafuzz and before that it was Duck and before that…. too many to mention…

Rob- What bands or singers influence you as a vocalist?

Hietsu- I don’t know if I’m influenced by singers in particular but bands that
inspire me are Led Zeppelin, QOTSA, Pantera, Mars Volta, Nirvana and again, too many to mention.

Rob- How old were you when you first got serious about singing?

Hietsu- I’ve never been that serious about singing, although I’ve been doing it
since I was 13. I’ve just always been the guy in the band who drew the
short straw. But I got more interested in singing about three years ago
when joined Geet and I definetly focused more on it when I joined
Trigon. If you’re playing with talented musicians like these guys, you
don’t want to be the rotten apple in the basket… Is there a saying
that goes like that? Well, is now.

Rob- Can you say something about each of your band members so we can get a better idea about who they are?

Hietsu- Uhm….Juho’s the Brain, Tuomo’s the Heart, Jarkko’s the Liver, Janne’s the Kidneys. And I’m the Spine?

Rob- Did you enjoy this interview?

Hietsu- Yes. Very much!

Rob- Any final words to the readers before we end this?

Hietsu- Keep checking out small bands, that’s one good thing the internet is for. You never know what jewels you might find… Other than that… Enjoy spring!

Rob- Thanks so much for talking to us and best of luck with your band. I hope to see you guys playing live here in Boston USA someday soon. Take care.

Hietsu- Well thank you. So do I. Take care.


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