Publishing Advice: Tip #12 Be Cautious of Publishers who suggest buying a copy of one of their books prior to submission.


Ocean View Press

As an aspiring published author, you’ve seen this plenty of times. In the could be future publisher’s submission guidelines section of double-spaces this, and no more than X amount of words that, there is usually a publishers note at the bottom offering up some advice as to what you can do to stand out from the other long list of hopefuls in getting your manuscript considered for publication. Although the advice varies from small publisher to small publisher, almost all of them (from what we’ve seen) suggest that if you want to see what said publisher is looking for as far as material, then you should purchase a copy of one of their books by one of their authors. Keep this in mind if you do in-fact purchase a book from them. It will NOT guarantee that your manuscript gets accepted by them. What it does mean, however, is that with small publishers receiving as many as hundreds, if not thousands of manuscripts each year, the potential for them to increase their sales off of your desire to be part of their roster of authors by purchasing copies of their books, only benefits them, not you. You shouldn’t have to be guilted into buying a book or books from a potential publisher to see what kind of work they publish. If they say they publish horror, romance Sci-Fi, fantasy, etc.. And that’s one of the genres you are writing, then that alone says what they are looking for. Your work will speak for itself and if it’s worthy enough to get published by a publisher without getting sucked in by such tactics, then we say, congratulations to you!


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