Top 10 Candy Bars That We’ve Seemed to Ignore over the Years!

Sure, sure. M&Ms, Milky Way and Snickers Bars have maintained their A-List status over the years with their fancy big-budget commercials, merchandising and prime placement in the retail stores. But what about the candy which somehow feel on hard times over the years, relegated to B-List status? The candy bars we all loved as kids, which now, sadly, gets no endorsements, no TV ad placement, has limited visibility on the shelves along with limited distribution. If they are stocked at all, it’s on the shelves at a local dollar store or at a gas station counter out in the middle of suburbia. Gone are the days of living in the spotlight, but these 10 candy bars refuse to go away with out a fight. If you stumbled on any of these 10, which one would you reach for? Which is your favorite? Tweet us @oceanviewpress











Ocean View Press


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