Hours (Film Review)


Hours (2013)
Written & Directed by Eric Heisserer
Staring Paul Walker.
Review by Rob Watts

Straying away from the widely-popular “Fast and the Furious” series, the late Paul Walker stars in a solid alternative to speeding cars and high-octane action. This tick of the clock thriller places Walker’s character, Nolan, entirely in a single building.

Set in a New Orleans hospital during the events of Hurricane Katrina, the film opens with Walkers’s character saying goodbye to his wife (played by Genesis Rodriguez) as she is wheeled off to the emergency room because of pregnancy complications. Unfortunately, his wife doesn’t survive, but Nolan is immediately introduced to his newborn daughter who will require a ventilator for the next 48 hours.

Shortly thereafter, the storm and floods, eventually rendering the hospital abandoned, leave Nolan and his baby behind with nothing but a hand-cranked generator to keep the ventilator going, as the ventilator is not portable.

Walker does a remarkable job portraying a man who manages to keep it together upon losing his wife and becoming a father at the same time. Battling the extreme elements of Hurricane Katrina, his heroic efforts don’t involve jumping from speeding cars or tall buildings. Keeping his baby alive, while abandoned in a hospital with little more than a few items from a junk food vending machine and a flashlight are the hallmarks of his character. Add drug seeking looters, lack of fluid for the baby and a dying generator, and you have yourself one suspenseful and heartbreaking film.

As unfortunate as it is to lose Walker at such a young age, and at the stage of his more mature film offerings, it’s fitting that one of his final films leave behind a genuine main character that mimics Walker’s true-life persona.

“Hours” is available on DVD and iTunes March 4.

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