10 Facts About St. Patrick That You Might Not Know!


1-To this day, his exact birthday is unknown.

2- At 16 years old, He was kidnapped from his homeland of Great Britain and placed into slavery in Ireland for 6 years. Therefore, he wasn’t Irish by birth.

3- St. Patrick used the shamrock, a three-leafed plant, to teach people about the Holy Trinity. The three-leafed plant represented the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.

4- 2 types of crosses are associated with St. Patrick. They are called the Pattee and the Saltire.

5- Traditionally, St. Patrick wore blue, not green. The green color associated with St. Patrick became popular over time due to the prominence of the shamrock.

6- March 17th is the date of St. Patrick’s death, not his birth.

7- Patrick spent 20 years of his life living as a monk.

8- Patrick was very successful is converting Pagans to Christianity.

9- He was arrested several times for doing so. He managed to escape every time.

10- After escaping slavery, Patrick returned to Ireland with 24 of his devoted followers in the year 432.

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