The Crooked Roads through Cedar Grove: Update 6-26-2014


I am now in my second week of working on the novel, titled “The Crooked Roads through Cedar Grove‘. Actually, it’s much more of a re-working of the previous three-volume novella series (Huldufolk, CRABAPPLES and Left-Hand Path.) I’ve seen some professed confusion here and there about how the previously released novellas will tie in as a whole, so in my own weird way, I will attempt to shed some light on as much as possible regarding the full-length release.

The Crooked Roads through Cedar Grove was conceived in my head (back in 2009) as an epic journey of modern terror. Where it differentiates from the classic horror model is that it is an attempt to capture an arc of expression as opposed to clichéd results of a foregone conclusion. “The Crooked Roads” is about the confusion that comes from asking very real questions;, ‘can we ever really trust each other? Do we really ever know the people around us?’

So a little over five years ago, I took those first steps into the unknown . Because I was so uncertain as to where it all went, I made no promises to anyone (myself included) as to how this project would unfold. Initially, it was my desire to write and release an unknown number of short novellas which stood alone on their own, but at the same time leaving various unanswered questions to be revealed upon the conclusion of the series. As time went on, I’d decided that three novellas would be suitable in laying out my storyline appropriately. It was for me an all-or-nothing proposition to both myself and the reader and bowing out mid-project was simply unacceptable. For me, this was a path of commitment—from concept to completion, seeing this journey completely through from beginning to end.

For those arriving now, The Crooked Roads through Cedar Grove was released (thus far) as a three-volume novella series. Each book includes an accompanying music soundtrack performed by me—well, an alias, but it’s really me. Each story ends with a cliffhanger, which is to be revealed in the final full-length novel release. Each novella is limited to 250 physical copies—incidentally, “Huldufolk” is now sold out and available as an eBook only. To give each limited edition novella its own sense of individuality, they have been released in unconventional trim sizes and styles. Huldufolk as a matching book and CD set, CRABAPPLES as a 45 RPM LP sized book and most currently, Left-Hand Path as a landscape-sized hardcover. FYI, The aforementioned will not be released digitally.

And with that preamble, an update: I’m really excited as this novella series has afforded some really inventive, progressive, and flat-out cool storytelling. This is what independent publishing is supposed to be about. Taking chances and going against the grain from your peers. With that, I will tell you that the novel version is coming along quite well. Let me put any doubts you have to rest. This will not be a rehashing of just adding the three novellas you’ve already purchased together in the same book and calling it a day. With those, you’ve bought the keys to the door. The full-length novel will open that door to a new experience and exciting-worthwhile-thrilling journey. As a fan of suspense, it’s my intention to scare you and stimulate your senses at every turn of the page. And yes, there will be music soundtrack created and included in this release.

I know that there are many fans out there waiting patiently for me to get this done, to make really emotional, tense, and suspenseful stories. Those of you that have supported me by purchasing my books all along have inspired me to reach just a little deeper and create something that we can all be proud of. It is that support and encouragement that pushes me, and nothing else.



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