10 Reasons Why I Won’t Follow You on Twitter!


10 Reasons Why I Won’t Follow You on Twitter!
By Rob Watts
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1- You sent me an automated DM upon my following of your profile
Congratulations. You discovered a way to make me unfollow you in 2 seconds. Unless your initial contact with me in DM is “Hi Rob, Thanks for following. I look forward to your tweets” or something of that nature, I’m not interested in you any further. Sending out a generic automated message with links to your Facebook Page or Blog gets an immediate unfollow.

2- You use TrueTwit Validation
Like the reason listed above, I’m not looking to jump through hoops just to have you follow me back. I’m not sure that you’re worthy of clicking a link to another site only to be forced into several attempts at properly entering a Captcha just to prove to you that I’m a real person. Sorry.

3- You can get me thousands of followers
Sorry, but I’m not interested in having thousands of nameless, faceless followers. I’m looking for actual like-minded human beings for intelligent interaction. The fact that these people themselves only have about 200 followers gives me a chuckle, though.

4- You automatically schedule your tweets ahead of time
Services such as HootSuite that allow users to pre-load their Twitter content are indeed handy for some, but the reality is that I’m looking for real-time interaction. I don’t want to respond to a tweet that you conceived two days ago when that topic of discussion was important to you. Let’s face it, nobody wants to reply to the ghost of your HootSuite, they want human interaction and experiences.

5- You don’t have a profile picture
It’s quite simple; if you are using the default egg picture as your profile photo, I’m left to assume that you are either a bot or someone who doesn’t care enough about their Twitter presence. Either way, all bets are off that I’ll be interested in following you.

6- You have no bio
160 characters is more than enough space to describe yourself to the world and let us know what you do. Again, if you’re too lazy to fill that in or have that little going on in your life, then I’m not interested.

7- You describe yourself as a social media guru, expert or maven
I have news for you. You’re not! Anyone who would use the word guru to describe themselves is basically full of B.S. and has a rather self-inflated ego. A six year old could master Twitter (and any other form of social media for that matter) in about twenty minutes. I don’t need to pay you hard-earned money for your “expertise.”

8- Your Twitter account is protected
If your Twitter account is in lockdown, then why on earth would I want to follow you. You have no information available for me to determine whether or not I’d want to follow you until you accept my follow. If you do deem me worthy enough of entering into your Twitter circle, it’s possible that I’d quickly realize that I’d made a huge mistake in following you in the first place. You’re content could border on insanity and really, who needs to deal with that? Plus, how can you expect me to retweet anything entertaining or informative if no one can view it anyway? Keeping a protected account just screams odd. If you have something to hide, I’d much rather steer clear of you.

9- Your Tweets are only about you / you Tweet the same thing over and over
I get it. You have something you want to promote. But if you’re not using Twitter for anything else other than your own self-serving needs, then I’m out. It’s called social media for a reason. The unwritten rule is that you engage with people with similar interests in hopes to generate new friendships, industry networks and resources. Sure, I’m probably interested in your books, music and indie films. That’s why I followed you in the first place. If those are the only Tweets I’m going to see from your feed, you’re going to lose my interest, fast!

10- You don’t share the Following love
Unless you’re a household name, a celebrity or a pillar in your industry, your follow to follower ratio should be pretty well balanced. If you’re Joe Nobody who thinks you’re a somebody and you have 1000 followers and only follow 150, chances are you won’t be interested in following me back. The whole point to Twitter is to follow people and hopefully have them follow you back. If I follow Tom Cruise or Scarlett Johansson on Twitter, I don’t expect they will follow me back anytime soon. If I follow Jane The Story Writer, I expect to be followed back in return.

Rob Watts is a blogger at Ocean View Press and a published author of the latest suspense Left-Hand Path.

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