Beach Boogie & the Clam Jams released Aug 5th


Ocean View Press and Waunders Children’s Books is proud to announce the release of Beach Boogie & the Clam Jams written and illustrated by Susan Saunders. You can order a signed copy today at

About the book

Beach Boogie and his big brother, Moondoggie, love the beach and riding the ocean waves. They enjoy playing music, hanging out with their friends, and all the fun that summer can bring. When they encounter a group of bullies at the beach, will their summer fun be ruined?

More about this book:

Beach Boogie & the Clam Jams is a fun beach-themed story with an important message for children about bullying.

Through Beach Boogie’s story, children will learn to stay strong when faced with a bully. They will learn it is in how they react that is important. Bullies may never stop bullying, but children can learn to do the best they can to stay positive and never be afraid to be themselves, and to choose to celebrate their uniqueness.



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