Varsity Drag and Carolina’s War stir things up at T.T. the Bears

Varsity Drag, Carolina’s War and Stuyvesant
T.T. The Bears Place- Cambridge, MA.
Oct. 25, 2014
Review and photos by Rob Watts


5:30 PM might be a tad bit on the early side for a start-time in the Boston area for a live rock show, but rest-assured, many local fans didn’t mind at all that it cut into their “dinner hour.”

Kicking things off was Caroline’s War, featuring front woman Caroline Kehoe and Varsity Drag drummer Baylor Carter along with Varsity Drag’s Ben Deily on bass. The second half of the set featured Lisa Deily on the 4s. Kehoe’s clean vocal delivery meshed beautifully with her electric ukulele. A fine performance and a great set to warm the tone for the evening.


Shortly thereafter, Varsity Drag took the stage, opening with “Skinny Ties” from their debut album For Crying Out Loud. Also from that album, they delivered “Miles of Ocean” in which Ben Deily (guitarist, vocalist and The Lemonheads co-founder) admitted that the song was his attempt at being “Bob Mould-like.” From their second album Night Owls, they played “Animal” and “Long Way Home.” But it was the final songs from the set which really surprised fans, as the band ripped through a one-after-another set of classic-era Lemonheads gems, such as “7 Wonders, Ever and Second Chance”. Lisa Deily and Baylor Carter kept a tight backbone throughout the entire set and are both fun to watch as they deliver their thunderous backdrop.


Ending the evening was New York’s (or New Jersey depending on who you ask) Stuyvesant. Wonderfully talented guys who performed some hard thumping rock for the dedicated T.T.s crowd. Their new album comes out November 25th.


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