All the CRABAPPLES have fallen from the tree!


CRABAPPLES: The Crooked Roads through Cedar Grove Volume 2 is now sold out! The 2012 follow-up to 2011s Huldufolk was released as a special edition print Book & CD limited to 250 copies. Shhh….don’t tell anyone, but I’ll have the final copy of CRABAPPLES #250 on the road with me during my final book signings. First come, first serve. No reprints will be made. I also have it on good authority that a couple of copies may still remain at the Saugus, MA location of Newbury Comics. Good luck!

CRABAPPLES is still currently available on Kindle (Available here)

A reimagined version of CRABAPPLES will be included in the upcoming novel THE CROOKED ROADS THROUGH CEDAR GROVE due out mid 2015.

Don’t miss out! The latest novella LEFT-HAND PATH, also limited to 250 copies, is still available in Casebound Book & CD edition. This book is only available in print form, no eBook versions are expected to be released. Purchase your limited edition copy HERE!


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