Kat Dahlia “My Garden” Album Review


Kat Dahlia “My Garden”
Album Review by Rob Watts

After many delays in production, Miami native, Kat Dahlia finally releases her debut effort “My Garden.” After many one-off releases (Gangsta, Clocks and Firemen) over the course of two years, Dahlia seeks to impress with the likes of a stockpile of Rihanna-ish mockeries and Jill Scott knockoffs. The songs navigate through a “garden” of Rap, Salsa, Jazz and R&B. Unfortunately, it doesn’t always make for a tasty audiophile salad. That’s not to say that “My Garden” is without its moments of brilliance. On the contrary, as the album opener “My Garden” as well as track 2 & 3 “Gangsta” and “Crazy” are worthy ear-catchers. “Walk on Water” is pleasing but my money is on “Lava” for the most memorable track on the album. Lyrically, it’s the most honest and passionate offering of the 11 tracks.

I feel that this album had the potential to be greater than its outcome. In a day and age where being derivative seems to be a “good enough” formula, I would much rather hear a unique and bold statement coming from a young artist such as this. Surely, though, this album has enough legs to infiltrate many a dorm room and hair salon throughout the summer of 2015, but I’m not sure Kat Dahlia will become a household name just yet. Perhaps, provided that the powers to be don’t dispose of her too hastily, she can develop into a truly fine artist with her own unique flag to plant in front of us.


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