Viet Cong “Self-Titled” Album Review


Viet Cong
Album Review by Rob Watts

Viet Cong is a Canadian Post-Punk band based in Calgary, Alberta. The group is comprised of two former members of the band Women, vocalist/bassist Matt Flegel and drummer Mike Wallace. Rounding out the quartet are guitarists Scott Munro and Daniel Christiansen.

Their self-titled debut (Due Jan 20th) is a delightful mess of moody and murky songs with blown out vocals and blunt instrumentation…galore!
Apparently drawing from the same lineage as post-punk luminaries such as Bauhous and Joy Division, Viet Cong conjure up despair and melancholy, only with blatant dashes of upbeat atmosphere.

Whether it’s the restless vibe of “Newspaper Spoons” or “Pointless Experience” or the tranquil sea of misery and pathos on ” Silhouettes” and “Continental Shelf”, it’s a journey urged to be taken by the listener. The album wraps up with the eleven-minute “Death”, and from the opening plucky riffs, it appears to be familiar territory, however, the track dives left and right into its murky, abstract universe, creating a truly epic coda to this self-titled gem.

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