Quarterbacks “Quarterbacks” Album Review


Album Review by Rob Watts

Not the most pleasing to my ears, however, I do appreciate the DIY approach in recording this batch of garage/punk rock nuggets. The self-titled album features 19 tracks performed just shy of 22 minutes. It’s hardly, in my opinion, enough to gain much traction if you’re waiting for any sort of payoff in these songs. Although, I do fancy the similarities between them and bands such as—let’s say, Husker Du or Mission of Burma. Although, that assessment may be reaching a tad, seeing as this trio of boys were no more than a glimmer in someone’s eye when those bands were rocking the scene. Clearly, this album will find its audience in the end. Surely this will be playing in the background at your nearest dorm room keg party, and no doubt the hipsters knew about this band LONG BEFORE YOU! It may or may not be your cup of tea, but it’s worth a listen just the same.

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