Paperhaus “Paperhaus” Album Review


“Paperhaus” (Available March 10th)
Album Review by Rob Watts

Anything but mundane, this self-titled 8-track album contains blustery drum swagger, swirly, jangly guitars, and muddy bass lines. Factor in the flourishing vocals and it all adds up to a beautiful sounding ear-worm. This Lo-Fi collection of tunes has had me possessed for the better part of the week, playing it at home, my car, my iPod—you get the picture. It’s not often you come across a band that can lay all the musical pieces out properly in front of them, making full use of their playing potential. The guitar performance throughout the entire album evokes varies stages of emotion, while the rhythm section provides solid backbone. There’s a consistency within the flow of songs, while still maintaining their own identity throughout the album. It’s quite the musical oddity…in a good way! Standout Tracks: Cairo, Untitled and Misery.

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