Moon Duo “Shadow of the Sun” Album Review


Moon Duo
Shadow of the Sun
Album Review by
Rob Watts

It’s not often where I stumble upon a new album that hooks me in immediately and holds my undivided attention from point A to point B throughout the entire listen. In fact, I immediately replayed the album again, as it was one of the greatest listening pleasures I’ve had in quite a while. From the opening track “Wilding” to the final piece of the happy frenzy “Animal”, Shadow of the Sun, the band’s third album, feels a bit like a circus act on acid or a carnival fun house ride surrounded by neon pinwheels and dancing mannequins. Each track follows through with repetitive riffs and thumps, drizzled with hypnotic guitar tones and synths by singer-guitarist Ripley Johnson and singer-keyboardist Sanae Yamada. They truly created an eerie atmosphere of hazy, hypnotic sound on this album. I’m confident you’ll enjoy this latest release!

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Shadow of the Sun is available March 3rd.


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