Babbling April e.p. Review


Babbling April
e.p. (Poster Album)
Review by Rob Watts

Dayton, Ohio-based Babbling April have recently released their debut e.p. As 2/3 of America has been blanketed with an ominous level of snow in 2015, along comes a collection of music that is sure to drive away your seasonal affective disorder. The opening title “Sunny Day Records” rather speaks for itself. A light, shoegazy commencement which serves as a perfect primer for the rest of the album. “On Breath from Esme'”, a light and benign instrumental, which at two minutes length, serves purely as an adverse counterpart to “Girl Ima’ Babe”, a hard-driving, hook heavy track reminiscent of many (cool) English indie bands. “Liars” is a definite highlight, displaying a girl/boy vocal trade off and ladened with pleasing harmonies and hooks. “Another Kind of Perfume” is another well-performed instrumental, while “All Around” brings the album to a close with its shimmering fuzz rock and catchy, harmonious vocals.

The band members, performing various roles within the group are;
Vivienne Machi
Dave New
Lee Wise
Stephen Yokley

High-Marks on songwriting and musicianship. The vocals are some of the most enjoyable I’ve heard in a while and quite suprizingly, every instrument on the album is well-placed and well-represented. I can actually hear the bass guitar—something that somehow seems to get lost or just fully discarded in the mix of today’s recordings. Babbling April are expected to release their full-length album sometime next year. I’ll be waiting but in the meantime, I suggest checking out their current offering at their BandCamp Page.

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